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Long term crew

Crew wanted: 1st mate
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:23 m
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: Australia
Logged in: 26 minutes ago

aub45: For RTW - (circumnavigate) voyage departing 04/18!

Crew required that can commit long term only please.

Travel & onboard expenses plus subsistence provided.

Salaried negotiable!

Please note crew cabins are "twin berths"

Boat not being delivered until 09/17. Following short work ups over the winter.

Route flexible but expected to take around 18 months including a 6 week layover in NZ

Route to include subject to ice, The Northwest Passage!

This is my private boat. With family / friends (maximum of 4 at any one time) joining / leaving at various ports.


Competent crew wanted

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:14 m
Location: Australia
Destination: Australia
Logged in: 29 minutes ago

alanbe: I am currently cruising the islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.
I do 3 days 2 nights trips with snorkelling, swimming and Bush walking. Experienced sailors or not all welcome. Also I can Tailer a trip to suit your needs and take a maximum of six people in three double cabins.
Though safety comes first the fun and adventure is mandatory :-).
Please send message for more details - contribution cost and availability, thank you.


Cruising, Exploring Queensland Coast Whitsundays to Kimberley

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:20 m
Location: Australia
Destination: None
Logged in: 34 minutes ago

merl: Hi All
Exploring Eastcoast Australia, Kimberleys to wherever for as long as it takes
No sea sickness, No timetable, No rush, Harmony is the key.....must contribute to Cruising lifestyle
Currently in the Whitsundays. This is not a paid position!! Feel free to Message for more info



Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:1 m
Location: Australia
Destination: None
Logged in: 1 hours ago

MM66: Delivery Skipper, seeks crew from time to time


Female crew/companion wanted.

Crew wanted: Friendship/Relationship
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:43 f
Location: Australia
Destination: Papua New Guinea
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Jethro: I've just completed a mostly solo trip from Tin Can Bay up north to Dunk Island and back. I had a great time, met a lot of people and visited many remote locations, but it sometimes got lonely.

I'm looking for a lady, aged 25 - 55, as crew / friend / companion for my next trip. You need to be fit, healthy and good company. I don't have any expectations of an intimate relationship - not that I'm against one, but I'm more interested in finding a friend and companion to share my travels with.

I'll teach you to sail (if you don't know how) and take you to the most beautiful islands and beaches in Queensland. First I'm going south to the Clarence River and then take a leisurely cruise up to Grafton, after which it's up to Cairns and then across to the Louisiades Archipelago in PNG. From PNG I'll probably return to Hervey Bay via New Caledonia, so you need a visa to be able to visit these countries and return to Australia.

I have a cat on board with me, so you'll have to like them! I don't charge anything for food or boat costs and, within reason, drinks. All I ask in return is someone to prepare and cook meals and generally help on the boat. This is not short-term, so not suitable for a cheap holiday. Please send a current photo if you're interested.


Adventure Cruise: New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:47 f
Location: New Zealand
Destination: Australia
Logged in: 3 hours ago

GypseaHeart: Adventurous, highly engaged crew wanted to join me on my first official voyage as a skipper

This will be a proper adventure cruise. Our main priority is to have some serious fun while exploring a few of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Although no experience is required, I will need a lot of help running this new-to-me 47' sailing catamaran. Expect to share all sailing and live-aboard duties (cooking, cleaning, etc..) and just be all-around helpful.

There will be a lot of learning happening on this trip, both on my part and yours, so keep in mind that any set-backs are just a part of the journey.

Please be community-minded. Gypsea Heart is a fairly comfortable cruising vessel (In my humble opinion), but it's still just a boat and we will all be sharing a decidedly finite amount of space for not-insignificant periods of time.

Enthusiastic personality is a must! This will be the trip of a life-time, so prepare to make the most of it!

Full n By

crew wanted

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:65 f
Location: New Zealand
Destination: New Zealand
Logged in: 4 hours ago

Full n By: Hello I am looking for crew for the NZ summer. possibly more,depends on how it all goes...No idea about what the future holds Plan for Fiji in May.. Crew for that must have proven themselves to be capable..
Life is uncertain ,eat dessert first
cheers Len


sv ALVEI Experience the Life of a Traditional Sailor

Crew wanted: Deckhand
Vessel: Tall Ship
Size:38 m
Location: New Zealand
Destination: None
Logged in: 4 hours ago

July 2016


We have been sailing Alvei throughout the world’s oceans from 1995 to the present. We have logged over 200,000 sea miles and stood watch with over 500 crew. Now and again it becomes time to put Alvei away and do something different. This is one of those times. We will return to New Zealand and Alvei in November 2016.

In the meantime we are looking for a few new volunteers to join the crew. We are usually about a dozen, averaging about six men and women each. We don’t plan it that way, it just works that way. The average age is twenty to thirty-something with a scattering of people in their forties to sixties. Volunteers also join us from all over the world. In fact, we’ve had as many as15 people from 13 different nationalities on one crew alone.

We have three categories of volunteer crew, short-term, medium-term and long-term. On the average about a third of volunteers are 3 weeks to 2 months, another third 3 to 4 months and another third 1-2 years. Once a person accumulates one year of service (either continuously or several shorter stints) they are eligible to sail on Alvei at any time, free of charge. Preference is given to longer term crew.

Long-Term Volunteer Crew Anyone wanting to learn the way of a tall ship sailor would do well to sign on for a year or more. Sea Time will be officially documented and applied toward earning sea time credit towards certification. Once booked, many have pursued lifelong careers at sea based on their experience on Alvei.

Medium-Term Volunteer Crew Many people, who find their way to us through, tend to be keen on tall ship sailing and stay between 3 to 4 months. This is also a good option for gap year studies or retirees who have family or other commitments back home. Many return for successive seasons.

Short-Term Volunteer Crew This option is available for the average backpacker or similar traveller looking for the next island adventure. The typical stay is between 2 weeks and 2 months while sailing interisland in the tropics.

Both long and medium-term crew can include an approximate 4 to 5 week open ocean voyage to or from New Zealand.

2017 Itinerary
• November and December mark the last two months of our 2016 season. This is a good time for potential watch leaders to join the crew and gain hands-on learning/teaching experience guiding and directing less experienced crew. We are looking for potential watch leaders here.

• After the Christmas holidays we continue welcoming new crew and finish maintenance projects such as bulwark repair and painting, tarring the rig, sail repair and caulking the deck.

• Training begins in earnest in early March with lessons on sail and line handling, steering, lookout, watch standing and galley maintenance. We will need a solid 4 weeks of work, from all the volunteers, to prepare for sea. All crew should plan on being on board no later than March 1st.

• We set sail in April for the southwest Pacific islands. Specific destinations are yet to be determined as we generally choose where to go and what to do based on where we are needed most. Possible destinations may include islands from Tahiti, through the Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu.

• In October, we’re bound for Brisbane, Australia for our regular haul-out maintenance. This is 3 weeks of intense but rewarding work, scrubbing the bottom, replacing zincs and painting. This becomes an intense work time with a blow-out party at the end. There is no daily rate charge during the haul out time.

• Then it’s back home to New Zealand for the summer maintenance season.

No one is required to perform jobs they are not comfortable with, such as working aloft. We can accommodate up to17 volunteer crew.

It requires knowledge, experience, time and practice to learn the way of the sea.
Patience and a resilient sense of humour help when mastering the sometimes unexpected events of the day or night. Learning can be gained from reading books by working with your shipmates.

Along with that it can become a time of reward and accomplishment. You will learn things you didn’t expect to learn. (That is where the sense of humour part comes in handy.) And you will definitely have many stories to tell along the way.


Web details are: For more info contact:


Cruise Fiji

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: Fiji
Destination: Fiji
Logged in: 7 hours ago

tganley: I'm looking for someone interested in sailing around the Fiji Islands. I'll be here until beginning of November or so. Share expenses; food and fuel. Fuel would be probably less than $25 a week, both for diesel and petrol for the dingy. Food depends on how much you eat and what you like. This is a 35 ft boat, two cabins. I'd consider a couple, but one other person would work best I think.

Experience is helpful but not necessary, mostly I need a reef lookout. I'd like to go to some of the more remote places, but I don't have a specific itinerary and am open to suggestions. If you have any specific places you'd like to see or things you'd like to do, we can do anything within reason.


Come Explore the South Pacific Islands with a Young Couple!

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:43 f
Location: Guatemala
Destination: French Polynesia
Logged in: 7 hours ago

SailingBula: Ahoy!

We just bought a boat! We are Melissa and Aaron, 1 Canadian and 1 Aussie, who would love some crew to join as we sail from Guatemala (Rio Dulce), through the Panama Canal, to Peru.... then off to the South Pacific Islands! Starting with Easter Island. In total we plan to sail 9 months back to Australia.

Right now we are looking for crew to join from Guatemala or Roatan who want to come through to Panama and possibly Peru and beyond if you'd like. Come for whichever leg of the trip interests you!
We plan to leave Rio Dulce around March 1st - depending on weather etc...

We are looking for crew who enjoy sailing, or want to learn! (no experience necessary) and are willing to help out with shared duties like cooking, cleaning and night watches on longer passages. We love to swim, snorkel, hike, and spend time outdoors exploring new places... and a couple beers on anchor are always fun! To share expenses we are looking for $100 per week (flat rate) to cover diesel costs, marina costs, repairs etc. For food we would all spit the cost and take turns cooking. Hoping to have 4 - 5 people total including Aaron and I.

Aaron and I met as crew on another boat sailing Australia and Indonesia and it was such a blast we want to share it with others. Let me know if you're interested! All ages and nationalities welcome, couples or singles!

Thank you!

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