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Sailing Cruise

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:15 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Greece
Logged in: 1 minutes ago

mg: Finance professional that left the rat race to go sailing at a leisurely pace... I’m Easy going, Passionate about sailing, Fit, Fun loving and always up for an Adventure... Looking to enjoy Nature and the Beauty of our Planet while taking time to enjoy the Sunsets...

I plan to sail down the Red sea to Asia and perhaps the South Pacific but until the situation in North Africa stabilizes just happy sailing around the Greek Islands...

I am looking for a fun, adventurous lady, capable to assist with piloting, watch keeping...
If your imagination is fired up about sailing and you're curious about the world... If you’re a sparkling woman with a great open hearted laugh... If you love spontaneous outdoors adventures, are enthusiastic and willing to go on little exploration treks on land... If you’re a strong believer humor and sarcasm are the spice of life...
If such characteristics are yours, drop me a line I'd love to have you along for the cruise...


Sailing Croatia - Caribbean 2018

Crew wanted: Friendship/Relationship
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Croatia
Destination: No specific country (Caribbean)
Logged in: 6 minutes ago

Gregory74: Hi, I would like to fulfill my long-cherished dream in spring/summer 2018 and go on a longterm trip. Croatia - Greece - Gibraltar - Cape Verde - Caribbean and perhaps the South Pacific and beyond (everything remains open).

I'm looking for a nice, open minded, german- or english spoken girl, who likes to be with me and have a hand for the boat for a part or the whole trip.

Sailing experience is not essential and I will be happy to teach you.
Hop on hop off is possible (almost) at any time.

Owned my "Taloa" for 10 years, a save 10m yacht of BrucerRoberts equipped for long-haul and single-handed with 3 cabins for approx. 4 persons.

If you like to discover foreign countries, sailing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, enjoy Sundowner, get on with the close on board and have enough time-out then you are right.

Testsailing is possible and welcome.

Hi, möchte mir im Frühjahr/Sommer 2018 meinen lang gehegten Traum erfüllen und auf Langfahrt gehen.
Kroatien - Griechenland - Gibraltar - Kapverden - Karibik und vielleicht auch Südsee und weiter (bleibt alles offen).

Suche nette Weltoffene, deutsch- oder englischsprachige Sie, die auch gerne mitangreift und eine Hand fürs Boot hat und mich auf einem Teil oder dem ganzen Törn begleiten möchte.
Segelerfahrung ist nicht unbedingt nötig und bring ich Dir gerne bei.

Ein und Aussteigen ist (fast) jederzeit möglich.

Besitze die "Taloa" seit ca. 10 Jahren eine sichere 10m Stahlyacht von BrucerRoberts ausgerüstet für Langfahrt und einhandtauglich mit 3 Kabinen für ca. 4 Personen.

Wenn du gerne fremde Länder entdeckst, segelst, wanderst, schnorchelst, schwimmst, Sundowner genießt, mit der enge an Bord zurecht kommst und genügend Auszeit besitzt dann bist Du richtig.

Probesegeln ist natürlich möglich und erwünscht.


Mediterranean Sailing and North Atlantic Explorations

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:17 m
Location: Spain
Destination: No specific country (Europe)
Logged in: 14 minutes ago

sgiud: We invite you to join us as we enjoy the 2017 Season on the Mediterranean, and the 2018 Season exploring the wild beauty of Iceland and Greenland.

For summer 2017, we still have bunks available in September and October. In September we will return to the best locations of Corsica, Stephane’s family home. The crowds will be gone and the water will be warm for this idyllic Mediterranean cruise.

The itineraries for October will be custom-designed to satisfy the goals of the crew. What can we offer you? Do you need to log many miles quickly? Do you want to learn celestial navigation or free diving or sailboat cooking? Do you want to improve skills with an all-female crew? Or introduce a novice or a romantic partner to the joys of sailing on a very comfortable boat?

Speaking of the boat, our yacht Gryning is a Baltic 55. She was built strong in Finland. She is very seaworthy and can sail quite fast. Yet she also has style and comfort: three heads; quality beds and linens; brilliant brightwork; ambient lighting; high quality cookware; and many other amenities make her delightful.

In April 2018 we will take Gryning north to the breathtakingly beautiful and ruggedly remote coastline of East Greenland. Our route will take us along the West coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the western islands of Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and around Iceland. Cf

At all times, we will take exceptional care of Gryning, because we need her to take care of us. Sailing on a well tuned boat is always satisfying.

We do not especially like marinas and harbours, even if we do appreciate regular contacts with civilisation. A few days in a lonely swinging mooring is always an exciting experience. We love sailing long distances, the boat likes it too. This gives us peace and harmony and the sense of being part of the natural world.

Our philosophy is that a boat is a tool, and not a goal in itself. This is why we always invite our guests to co-create our trips.

* Wake up and start dreaming ! *


From London to Spain / Portugal

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:30 f
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: None
Logged in: 23 minutes ago

nt57: Hello good people!

Sometime in July or early August I'll take my yacht from London, head along the UK south coast, hop across the Channel, and then either straight across the Bay of Biscay, or take a slower route following the French and Spanish coasts (depending on time mostly, but probably I'll go straight across Biscay).

My aim is to get to Portugal later this year, probably hang around there for a while with some trips to Gibraltar, Spain etc, and then next year... Well, see what happens.

I've lived and worked in many different countries as a scuba instructor, and my plan is to keep that life style going. I love exploring new places, meeting all sorts of people, and just seeing what's out there. I now work remotely, so I can sail pretty much freely.

I'm looking for crew with a similar mindset: adventurous, fun, and interested in seeing the world. Your sailing experience is less important than your willingness to learn, get involved in the tasks onboard, and get your hands dirty.

We'll share any costs onboard - food, moorings, fuel etc., although I plan to keep things as cheap as possible!

So send over a message if you'd like to join me on any or all of the trip.


Come sail Facebook page Rockstar Adventures

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: New Zealand
Destination: None
Logged in: 28 minutes ago

Rockstar-captain: Looking for fun, active, keen to learn people looking for some sailing experience. We are a young crew with many miles under our belts although safety will be high priority but with a good mixer of laughs as well. Will be looking for crew to help share costs and join the fun. currently in bay of islands and heading south down to Auckland over the next few days. Around march I'll have to boat in Auckland and need some to look after her and potter away with varnishing for up to 3 months.


Lake Huron and Superior in July - August 2017

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:31 f
Location: United States
Destination: Local sailing
Logged in: 31 minutes ago

dustwin: Hi,

At the destination at a private "resort" in Northern Michigan there is wilderness around and you'd be able to take kayaks to see eagle nest and do other fun on water. We'd give you land tours and show some historic sites of the "Copper Country" of Northern Michigan.
We are very guest friendly people.
"Finding new treasures in life is to get to know new people".
You would not be disappointed.

I love sailing, I have been married to the same and only woman, my dear wife for over 40 years but unfortunately she will not go out to open water nor sail at night. I'm self educated and have successfully been self employed in more than one industry all my life.
Over the years we've traveled (suit case and lately back pack style) well over 50 different countries.
I have lots of friends but only a few of them like sailing and are not always able to join me according to my schedule.
We do not drink, smoke or use any recreational drugs.
I don't like being alone so at times I need to find a crew outside of my social circle to help me sail and have company for a piece of good conversation.
I offer good clean company, classical guitar music on the stereo, in depth conversations and will teach you to sail if needed. We are very stable, honest and loyal people. If you are looking for the "party" type boat this is not for you. If willing to entertain the idea of sailing the great lakes of USA and Canada with my type, please call me at +1 561 866 7160, I have WhatsApp or respond on this page.
One more thing about us. Since after being married for 25 years and were not able to have biological children we went to Russia twice and adopted four children, 5, 6, 8 and 9 years of age. They are now adults and busy with their jobs and families. You would meet my wife and other family at the destination.

I can take up to 3 persons. You would need to fly to Detroit Michigan, USA.
If interested you can find all kinds of pictures of the boat on internet.
Dustwin is a 2007 Pacific Seacraft 31, a high quality blue water cruising sail boat.
Hope to hear from you

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