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December Cruise NYC to Charleston Dec 3-10; Atlantic Coast + ICW!!

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:45 f
Location: United States
Destination: United States
Logged in: 1 days ago

CaptainKC: Hey Sailors! Join us for a great time on Just Sayin', Harmonic Seas' beautifully equipped 2012 Hunter 45DS. She's fully outfitted for comfort and safety, and we'll have a nice combination of day/night sailing, plus some cool stops at historic places along the ICW. All provisioning included; you pay your own t&e. Sure hope you can join us! Best, Capt. KC

Captain Keith@ Cooper; Owner, Nautical School New York. ASA IE, USCG 50T Master with Sailing Endorsement. 30 years' sailing, 50 years' boating experience.


Just Sayin’ Fall ICW Cruise
NYC to Charleston

Saturday, Dec 3 1000: Depart Liberty Landing, NJ
Saturday PM: Sailing Atlantic Coast, NJ

Sunday Dec 4: Atlantic Coast, NJ/DE
Sunday PM: Atlantic Coast, DE

Monday, Dec 5 0800: Portsmouth, VA/ICW
Monday, Dec 5 16:00: Coinjock, NC
Monday PM: Moorage @ Coinjock Marina

Tuesday, Dec 6 0600: Depart Coinjock, NC
Tuesday, Dec 6 1800: Belhaven, NC
Tuesday PM: Moorage @ Belhaven Marina

Wednesday, Dec 7 0700: Depart Belhaven, NC
Wednesday, Dec 7 1700: Arrive Beaufort, NC
Wednesday PM: Moorage @ Beaufort, NC

Thursday, Dec 8 0600: Depart Beaufort, NC
Thursday PM: Atlantic Coast, NC

Friday Dec, 9: Atlantic Coast, NC/SC
Friday Dec 9 1800: Arrive Charleston City Boatyard


Caribbean Feb,March from Florida. 38ft catamaran

Crew wanted: Friendship/Relationship
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:38 f
Location: United States
Destination: Colombia
Logged in: 14 minutes ago

Manawatuman: Hi, I will be leaving florida feb, 2017 heading down the Caribbean to Panama at leisurely pace.

As this is my first time sailing out of a coastal environment, someone with some sailing experience, navigational and weather forecasting knowledge helpful too.

Theres 2 double cabins available in 38ft catamaran
Looking for crew ,1-3 couple ok, to share watch duties, cooking and chores. Share expenses.

Getting peoples details and online chatting and i be able to meet in person in florida in jan feb 17.


Starting from the Gulf of Mexico ,,,,,,

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:28 f
Location: United States
Destination: No specific country (Caribbean)
Logged in: 17 minutes ago

Robertmshannon: Looking for a traveler. Not a paid position, not a free ride. Bob


Crew wanted

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:28 m
Location: New Zealand
Destination: None
Logged in: 32 minutes ago

Captainsy: Looking for crew to help sail around in nz and may be a bit further and carry out maintenance cleaning and etc. Interested in sailing is a must and cruising and fishing but some conditions apply


Leucate(France) - to The Canary Islands

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:9 m
Location: France
Destination: Cape Verde
Logged in: 34 minutes ago

Vincent.W: Hi,
My Name is Vincent and im the captain of a very loyal and amazing Albin Vega 27. Im sailing for adventure, exploration and personal growth through experiences and challenges. I am 27 years old and you could say im a go "get it" kind of person. If you work hard, you play hard.

I started this journey into sailing as a result of an idea that entered my mind. Sailing.... why not ? Wheels spun into motion and all within 2 months. I bought a boat, prepared it for "live aboard", and i have sailed(+ french canals) my boat from Landskrona (Sweden) to Port Leucate (France) as i write this. Many people said , don't do it. wait for experience. But all that experience that i "should've" waited for, i found along my way. Of course safety is important but to much safety can be equally as deadly:) . I always prepare well and i'm always ready to back down from a challenge if it doesn't feel right and im always open for ideas.

Adventure, exploration & growth - through travelling simple on a humble Vega - How far can we go ?

I have enjoyed the help and friendship of crewers up until now. both who had to return to lifes commitments, And now im looking for the ones to join the next leg of this trip.

Route plans
Set sail from Port Leucate as soon as possible (to hide from the cold)- Going to The Canary Islands and then eventually to Cape Verde.
Hoping to be in the canaries in good time to enjoy some warmth and good fun. And to be in the right position to Cross the Atlantic (if it feels right)

// Vincent


Mediterranean or Madeira & Azores

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Portugal
Destination: Portugal
Logged in: 36 minutes ago

EduardoGoncalves: Hi

I have two plans for next year sailing cruise:

Plan A - The Med
Going from Lisbon all the way to west coast of Italy and then coming back to Lisbon, passing through the south of Spain, the Baleares, Corsica, West Italy, Sicily and Sardinia.
This cruise starts in the beginning of April and goes all the way until October, just over 6 months

Plan B - Madeira and the Azores
Going from Lisbon to Madeira and then to the Azores, passing 2 months here doing most of the islands, and then back to Madeira and then south of Spain and Lisbon.
This cruise starts in the end of May and ends by the end of October, so 5 months.

I am looking for people that can stay between 1 and 2 months.

I would like to know what is your availability, and also what Plan and part of the trip you would prefer.
You only have to pay the travel costs to/from the yacht and your food. The yacht expenses are on me. We can share rent-a-cars if you want.



Trinidad to Jamaica

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Destination: Jamaica
Logged in: 38 minutes ago

tropicalsailor: Hello fellow travellers, I have a beautiful Bobcat catamaran. I am currently in Trinidad. Am happy to take on additional crew, short or long term. I am asking 25usd per day while on board. Food and other mutual expenses can be shared by everyone on board, taking in mind that I am very much a budget traveller.
I myself am a very easygoing, open minded liberal type. My boat is very basic with no refrigeration or showers and only a small outboard engine so we have to sail mostly. Most people seem to compare it to an old hippie van on the water! I have all the relevant safety equipment on board. I do also have snorkelling equipment, a single person kayak and a dinghy with outboard onboard. I enjoy the company of all types of people and making new friends. I'm a highly experienced sailor who has been doing yacht deliveries internationally for a number of years and have my yacht master qualification.

. References can be viewed on couchsurfing, airbnb or I can give you contact details of crew I have sailed with in the past.


Looking for an adventure??

Crew wanted: Deckhand
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:32 f
Location: Mexico
Destination: Mexico
Logged in: 47 minutes ago

Captmikey: Hey my names mike I'm 29 years old and from Canada! I purchased a boat three years ago and I have been gaining experience in the sea of Cortez, my original plan for this year was to head towards panama and go thru the canal but with my financial resources its not looking so promising to do that this year. So I'm looking for someone to come sailing on the pacific side of mexico in the sea of cortez or down the coast a bit and bash back up to la paz to haul out boat in april. I am easy going, friendly, and just looking for someone to share the experiences with!! If something like this sounds of interest to you give me a shout!!


Salar40 + Deliveries

Crew wanted: Delivery Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:40 f
Location: Australia
Destination: None
Logged in: 47 minutes ago

beansbaxter: Professional skipper with commercial Aust. qualification. 45 years offshore experience.
Seeking enthusiastic volunteer crew member/s for delivery trips on
yachts East Coast of Australia. Must not be badly affected by sea sickness
and willing to stand watches as required. Non smokers only.
Hi standards of safety and responsibility are maintained at all times.
Travel costs are negotiable and provisioning is
included. Recent deliveries have been:
Hanse 50 from Sydney to Hamilton Is. (Whitsundays)
Solaris 42 Hamilton Is. to Sydney
Benetau 50.5 from Sydney to Melbourne
Nantucket 34 from Sydney to Brisbane
S&S 30 from Coffs Hbr to Newcastle
Benetau 50.5 from Gove (NT) to Cairns, via Torres Straight (Albany Passage)
Salar 40 from Bundaberg to Lake Macquarie (Newcastle)

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