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Find professional boat jobs, yacht deliveries, holidays and beginner sailing opportunities right here! Paid and unpaid.

This page is the best place for crew to start searching for work on boats and yachts, professional or amateur positions. Crewbay is a great resource for finding both full time or part time professional sailing work as well as unpaid boat positions and casual crew work. Use the search boats facility to narrow down the list of boating opportunities or simply browse the latest logged in boat entries below. Alternatively you can try some of our more popular searches for sailing jobs or click here to view the most recently registered opportunities. To view a boat owner's profile in detail you will need to be logged in to Crewbay. If you do not have an account yet then please click here to register.

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crew wanted

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:65 f
Location: New Zealand
Destination: New Zealand
Logged in: 12 minutes ago

Full n By: hello / i will be sailing oct./nov. 2016.onward.Start of the spring/summer cruising.. best wishes len
Especially want crew with an interest in classic boats..



Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:17 m
Location: Spain
Destination: Antigua and Barbuda
Logged in: 24 minutes ago

AussiePhil: I am Looking for a guy or girl age from late twenty to ? to help sail my catamaran from the Canaries to the Carrabean Panama and beyond it is not a requirement to know how to sail just an adventurous spirit.I cover all cost`s aboard except alcohol it is a very comfortable catamarn with four private cabins one with it`s own ensuite.I am very easy going but there is only one captain aboard and that of course is me.
Phil onboard Big Bandicoot


Racing Crew

Crew wanted: Racing Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:8 m
Location: Australia
Destination: None
Logged in: 35 minutes ago

BlurG301: Crew position racing fast quarter tonner in Sydney Saturdays ( flat water river/harbour )
Kean better than experienced

Hostess Position available aboard 100ft sailing yacht in SE Asia

Crew wanted: Hostess/Steward
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:30 m
Location: Thailand
Destination: None
Logged in: 56 minutes ago Hostess position available aboard one of the leading remote area charter yachts in South East Asia. Job description and requirements:
- No previous experience on a yacht is required (full training will be provided). Housekeeping, restaurant / hospitality experience would be preferable.
- Job is predominantly housekeeping, interior cleaning, making up of cabins, ironing and laundry, serving food and drinks, washing dishes, crew cooking when off charter, assisting with food preparation on charter and general assistance with all other tasks aboard the yacht.
- You will be joining a small, highly professional team who have been providing top flight charters in South East Asia for the last 20 years
- Good remuneration and excellent tips.



Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:27 f
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: Local sailing
Logged in: 57 minutes ago

fercho: Hola!! I like travel, adventure and discovery, meet people, like socialising, I am fit, very active, like sports, and have fun
Hope to meet you very soon!
Fair Winds!

sailing-PlanB Urgent

Sailing from Mallorca to Sicily

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: Spain
Destination: Italy
Logged in: 1 hours ago

sailing-PlanB: I am looking for a crew to sail with me from Palma to Licata, Sicily. It is planned to stop in Sardinia as well as western Sicily before going to Licata. It is not a typical delivery as we will have some extra time built in. Directly one could do the journey in 6 days but we allow for nearly two weeks to avoid adverse weather conditions, to stop along the way and have fun. If we arrive early there are options for day-sailing in Sicily. l am open minded ...
I did nearly the same journey earlier this year (Valencia-Mallorca-Sardinia-Sicily-Malta) on the boat of a friend of mine which means that I am familiar with the planned itiniary.
My qualifications: German (SKS) similar to the RYA Coastal Skipper. I also have the Short Range Certificate (Vhf radio license). Sailing experience of the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Med, Canaries and Caribbean.
Clarification regarding costs: I will not pay for restaurant visits (if any), sightseeing etc. but for onboard only


Cruising SW-W-NW UK & IRELAND.S,France. Portugal -Spain etc.

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:8 m
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: United Kingdom
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Deepbluesealife: Lots of information below


I am a avid sailor lived aboard several yachts of various sizes and undertaken many voyages both solo & with crew. Very laid back, good sense of humor, I,m not religious nor political, Life aboard is very relaxed .Anybody interested in some sea adventure this year please feel free to inquire.

YOU DO NOT need any prior experience,

This is a FREE place a UNPAID (NOT PAID, NO WAGE, NO FEE).

A life jacket is provided for all.

Yacht & all aboard Passenger or Crew Insured by Owner.

Gas & Diesel & ALL Mooring fees paid by Owner.

Leisurely Cruising crew types passenger, novice, beginner, competent, day skipper etc ideal for individuals building sea mileage for exams or just wanting extra experience.

Front fore cabin is two single or a double always reserved for crew.
Please do feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Such as can you come aboard for just one or two weeks the answer is YES. and you may join at one port and depart at another on the route.

Many have asked me questions by email to try save time here are a few below.

What skills do I need? : None your welcome to just come along for the experience. Be a Passenger, Crew or even migrate to Skipper.

Is there and age restriction? : YES for my yacht FULL insurance cover is only provided for adults aged 18-70 (Outside this age limit insurance is protection). Copy of Policy in PDF upon request.

Do you have a crew preference? : YES I prefer female aged 25-55 as crew they multi-task, learn, manage, acclimatize, adapt and make better sea companions. (The guys at sailing club will hang me for that statement) So that said Guys are also welcome as well. I do make exceptions occasionally taking a family, couple, friends etc. so ask me.

Can I bring my best friend ? : YES husband, partner,college,friend etc. Yacht can only carry five /(5) or six (6) persons comfortably so please advise on who is coming a week in advance!

Will I need to supply Life Jacket? : NO the yacht has six fully automatic ones.

What clothing & luggage can I bring? Bring what you can carry sensibly! both warm weather clothing and a water proof coat. (NO kitchen sink required!).

I am building sea miles for exams can this help me? YES bring your log book otherwise I will issue you a digital certificate stating what miles and other requirements that can help such as Distance, Nights etc.

Can I bring a pet? : NO.

What accommodation is provided? : The Fore cabin is kept for crew it is either two single beds or a large double bed. Own locking door. Saloon is six seating sofa (Can convert to double bed) with dining table. Sink, food storage cupboards and cooker, Skipper has separate Starboard cabin. 32" TV plays DVD,s and has 100+ movies available, Books to read various, FM VHF MW SSW Radio, Huge selection of music from 1970 to the current latest hits are on MP3 player, 200 plus pod casts stored. Headphones,Daylights and Night lights,Chart table, Fresh water, Kettle, etc.

What about sanitation? The Yacht has a sea toilet and shower. Marina has toilets, laundry, shower & facilitates available 24/7 to all crew. All rubbish aboard is sealed in black bin bags and placed in marina facility.

Is everybody sea sick? : NO it only a few people and I can advise on best methods to avoid it.

What cost & expense will I incur? : YOU are responsible for your own travel / transport to and from the yachts location. This is your own expense. FREE car parking space available at marina, Trains station ends at the Docks two minutes walk as does Bus station. The yachts owner (Myself) pays for ALL marina, harbour an anchorage fees, plus gas, electric (240v at harbour & marina), diesel. And a full stock of dried, preserved, canned and bottled food stuff. Fresh produce is taken on at each visited port. IF you have special dietary need / requirement or prefer your own foods I.E. Gluten free YOU MUST provided that food yourself.

Can I join for PART of a voyage / passage? : YES Let me know in advance where you would like to join the vessel and leave the vessel so I can arrange replacement crew.

Do you offer a trial or day sail ? : YES I use the Estuary & River for gentle introduction to sailing. Prior to open sea. ASK before assuming a date I cannot obviously do this if already on a passage / voyage.

Does the yacht return to marina each day? : NOT always! it can anchor, go alongside harbor wall, pick up a buoy, attach to a pontoon or just keep sailing none stop. All subject to weather.

What if its a long voyage and weather turns poor? : As Skipper I passage plan for ALL possibility's I include bolt hole ports, coves, islands etc. Aboard you will NEVER be more than forty (40) miles from a safe haven within the UK.

Can you sail passengers / crew to other country's? : YES so you need to bring your passport.

Is smoking & alcohol permitted ? : YES Smoking allowed outside and alcohol is never an issue although you may wish to avoid alcohol prior to 1st 24hrs at sea to avoid sea sickness.

What special needs can you cater for? : Yacht has five (5) steps so Disabled people may not be able manage them. Medically if you have medication creams, tablets, Ointments etc. bring enough to cover the journey. The yacht has two (2) first aid kits Two (2) ALL Purpose fire extinguishers & Fire Blanket.

Will I get a mobile phone signal at sea? : Most of the time YES however there are total blackout areas of NO coverage I.E. Crossing Bristol Channel its 87NM wide at point where I normally cross it so loss of signal for several hours. Communication is available via the ships radio during black out areas. ASK about intended passage.

How long may I crew for? : Difficult question so I shall say the average is two-three weeks. Yet some do a few days, some months, one over a year! ASK me!

What can you teach me I have no experience? Competent crew,, Day Skipper through to Yacht master level. In other words ALL the rules of the roads (Sea) regulation right of way rules. All the buoy markers cardinals safe water special markers etc. Day symbols & Night lights on every vessel , tidal heights& streams including Primary / Secondary ports, Meteorology (Weather) Passage planning, crew briefing, how to read and navigate a paper & digital charts which includes rocks,wrecks and all other chart symbols such as rips, eddies, tidal gates,etc. How to dock & depart in all weathers an conditions. How to Jibe & Tack a yacht in the wind. How to motor, Anchor etc. the list is endless I lived aboard several yachts for many years so have a gigantic amount of knowledge & hands on real life experience. Yachts digital library contains days of video seamanship lessons playable on the TV, notebook,android etc. You will still NEED to undertake any official examination with relevant authorized body such as MCA / RYA. for certification.

Will I have to do anything as just a passenger? : YES Enjoy the journey & experience. I can handle everything aboard the Yacht single handed and have done 1000,s of miles solo.

Who steers while you below deck? : Auto pilot. Or YOU ;-)

Can you guarantee seals, whales & dolphins? YES to dolphins they know the yacht assumes your on a three day voyage min.. Seals are quite shy and generally reside close to islands, rivers, bays an coves they are regularly seen. Whales ONLY in January except for small Mink type often seen on Bristol channel or St Georges channel etc. Leather backed turtles July & August (special location) seen for past three(3) years. Porpoise daily. Various birds Puffins, Gulls, Fulmars, Gannets etc.

Can I charge my phone at sea? YES Yacht has both USB output and cigar type sockets.

Is boat limited in distance ? NO I often sail for several days and nights none stop over huge distances its limited by water & food only.

Can I bring diving equipment ? YES advise before hand so extra storage space can be allocated.

Would it be possible to join the vessel a day or two earlier? YES providing its in a port ask.

Any more questions just ask I will reply as soon as possible.


Caribbean to New Zealand Feb,March from Florida

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:40 f
Location: United States
Destination: New Zealand
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Manawatuman: Hi, I will be leaving florida early 2017 to spend couple of months in the Caribbean. Then to NZ via the Pacific Islands. No time frame, just aviod storm seasons.
Looking for crew ,1-3 couple ok, with some nav, weather and ocean sailing experience, share watch duties and cooking. You just buy your food and drinks. as this is my first time sailing long voyages so I m open to suggestions and Im very flexible.
Just me and 40ft catamaran.


July 2017 sailing the Adriatic and Kornati NP

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:50 f
Location: Croatia
Destination: Local sailing
Logged in: 1 hours ago

tcw333: Recreational crew sought for Adriatic and Kornati NP cruise Summer of 2017. 50 foot cat with 2 x Australians, circa ages 35-45. Perfect Summer break with relaxed sailing and exploring the region. Emphasis on relaxing and fun... all levels of experience welcome.

Skipper is relatively new to skippering with less than 5 years sailing experience in Australia and Asia. Happy to answer any questions / additional information needed.



Crew wanted for East Coast sailing

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:43 f
Location: Australia
Destination: Australia
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Jethro: I'm looking for female crew to sail with me. Sailing experience would help, but is not essential. You will have your own cabin. Fit, fun person would be great. Non smoker and reasonable drinker essential. Absolutely no drugs.

I am now in Airlie Beach and will travel around the Whitsundays for a month or so before heading slowly back down the coast. All I want is someone to help me manage the boat. I will supply food and no contribution is required towards the costs.

This is a great way for you to get to know Australia's beauty at no cost.

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