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Java man

Surf and sail

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:22 m
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Destination: Guadeloupe
Logged in: 0 minutes ago

Java man: Hi girls ,couples we are doing Eco surf ,free diving rainforest hikes and wooden boat maintenance we will be Sailing to Tahiti 2016 but will spend time in the Caribbean and Panama bocad del toro side to surf and sail we will take on female crew preferably and some guys, as there are enough Cool-men on board already and of course your surf boards are welcome just no sups 😀..there is a permanent place for one female partner who will be responsible for handling the net and communications for the paying pax . So if you want to live the seaperson life, learn to surf, free dive spearfish, be with people in the know then we can teach you. You can communicate well perhaps you know how to start and manage a web site. The ship is a replica of an original Polynesian voyageing canoe build to plans from the1850 build out of two huge trees rigged in the traditional Marquesans crab claw style sail plan, sleeps 10 and more, huge deck space I have done this trip several times and know the ins and outs, I am absolutely professional and know what it's about, It's a cool boat and Time is of no importance. We Are in Guadalupe island , French Caribbean will be here for the next two weeks. Heading for Tobago So let's see you do something interesting that you can share with friends


Sailing - Training in Southamerica

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:42 f
Location: Grenada
Destination: Colombia
Logged in: 1 minutes ago

Silvia90: Buscando gente en busca de aventuras, con ganas de aprender y abierta a todo lo nuevo. Preparando el viaje a sudamerica: Grenada(caribe) -Curazao (abc islands) - Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Cuba
Puedes unirte a algún tramo o todo el viaje...como tu prefieras!!

Looking for crew how want to live an adventures, how want to learn and with open mind!!
We are preparing the trip to Southamerica: Grenada(Caribbean) - Curazao (abc islands) - Colombia - Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Cuba. You can join us some segments or all the you prefer!!

More information in our blog: or facebook:


(ON HOLD) From Spain (Galicia) to Portugal, Canaries, Cape Verdes, Carib

Crew wanted: Friendship/Relationship
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:38 f
Location: Spain
Destination: None
Logged in: 4 minutes ago

Peter.Buccaneer: This trip is currently ON HOLD for a few months. I will let everyone know when the voyage continues. Thanks for all replies so far.
Cruising from Spain (Galicia) to Portugal, Canaries, Cape Verdes, Carib, and who-knows-where. Discovering places to visit, people, enjoy local food, all at a recreational and easy pace. I'm relaxed, improvise my itinerary when interesting things happen. My motto is taken from Mark Twain: "...Explore, Dream, Discover!".
Looking for recreational crew/friendship for shorter or longer legs of this voyage. Sailing experience is not requiered. (And I'm studying Spanish and could use a lot of help to improve my conversational skills.)


The Southern Ocean and Cape Horn

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:40 f
Location: New Zealand
Destination: Brazil
Logged in: 6 minutes ago

Seasalter: Join me on every yachtie's dream- to sail around Cape Horn. Yes a challenge but a great satisfaction too. The boat is a 40 foot ketch designed in 1935 and built in South Australia in 1937. She has been comprehensively rebuilt over the last two years. She is a very solid and robust boat.
I might say the same of myself but modesty makes me refrain! I began sailing almost 50 years ago on the West coast of Australia and have traveled in almost every variety of craft in almost every sea and ocean of the world. I have sailed almost 200,000 miles, been a seamanship, navigation and radio instructor. I am a restoration shipwright.
I am looking for one perhaps two experienced people to join me sailing from New Zealand via Cape Horn to the Falkland Islands. After two weeks cruising there, we will sail for the coast of Argentina and then north through Uruguay to Brazil. We will be leaving NZ at the end of 2015 to 'round the Horn in February March 2016 and to arrive in Brazil June 2016.
You must be comfortable sailing as sole watch keeper during both night and day watches and be willing and able to contribute to the general running of the ship with the other duties normally found aboard a small yacht.
Come and share my adventure!


Adventures in the Med...

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: Spain
Destination: Greece
Logged in: 8 minutes ago

J.: After 25 years of hard work as an entrepreneur, I changed my life, and started living and traveling the World on a 37ft catamaran with different and changing crew.

The adventure is documented, and shared with the world through patreon, youtube and Facebook

Cruising the Med this summer from Spain to Greece. Currently at Sicilia, getting ready to cross to Malta.

Looking for adventurous and fun people to join the trip...
Video-documenting and social-media marketing skills are a big plus...

Southern Aurora

Gibraltar (La Linea, Spain) to Lanzarote Sept/Oct 2015

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:16 m
Location: Gibraltar
Destination: Spain
Logged in: 21 minutes ago

Southern Aurora: Leaving Gib and sailing 650 nm to Lanzarote.

I'll be sailing from the La Linea Marina, getting fuel at Gib on September 22 then headed South.
Need a couple of experienced crew to help me deliver my Oyster 53 to Marina Lanzarote. Night watch experience essential. Non-smoker. Vegetarian and dry whilst underway. Good chance for someone to get down to the Canaries in time for the ARC and others crossing the Atlantic.

Join the boat on, about, 20 September. Leaving a the marina couple of days later, subject to weather. The trip should take about 5 days.
You'll be responsible for paying your own way to and from the boat. I will pay for food and boat costs.


Looking for crew. Falmouth to Canaries

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:34 f
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: No specific country (Europe)
Logged in: 27 minutes ago

RobonBeefeater: Looking for 1 or 2 crew on a 34.5ft Nicholson built 1965. Well equipped and MCA coded Blue catergory 2.
Departing Plymouth or Falmouth to Canaries via North West Spain and Portugal.


Almost Worldwide Cruise 2016-17

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:15 m
Location: Croatia
Destination: Thailand
Logged in: 50 minutes ago

See or read below short info:

Write a book, your filosofies or poems. Produce a video or a picture collection. Be a painter, look at moons and stars in the night, sunrise and sunsets, dive, fish, visit many harbours and cities or be creative as you like - at the same time as we sail from Europe westwards over the Atlantic Ocean to The Carribean, Pacific Ocean towards Asia near Cambodia, Vietnam and finally to Thailand.

The journey will take approx. 14 months. The journey will start from Split, Croatia around 15th. October 2016. Before the journey starts the crew will go through a course on how it is to be on a Bavaria 50 yacht and for a longer period. (if never tried before) and a course in sailing this yacht. The yacht will sail manily by sails but is able to pursue by engine keeping the schedule.

If we reach a crew of 8-10 persons, the basic crew contribution on the journey will be the amount of app. $ 35-40 per. day per person depending on general boat operation expenses, various expenses. Basis contribution is also covering: Boat insurance (casco, passenger insurance, liability) boat maintenance, equipment maintenance (fishing- and diving gear maintenance, repairs, etc.) spareparts, and harbour fees. Furthermore your share of supply is approx. $ 250-300 (for food, fuel and beverages etc.)

The vessel VERITAS is a 50 feet(14,9352 meters) Bavaria sailing cruiser with 11 berths 5 cabins, 3 toilets and bathrooms, kicthen and sitting salon as well as cockpit on upper deck. 3 cabins are double beds and 2 cabin are with bunk beds. The Vessel is with modern security and navigation equipment (Radar, GPS, Echo sounder, navigator, Auto-pilot, etc.). The vessel is very safe and automatic. The vessel has a large engine that can provide a significant speed. The yacht is made of strong glassfiber has an TMD 22, 78 HK Volvo Penta engine and is well equiped. Among security equipment there is a safety raft for 10-12 persons plus a rubber dinghy with an outbound engine. (see below for our basic equipment list).

It will be possible to make tours on land and it is possible to proceed on land and join the vessel later on another place. During the journey it will be possible to visit smaller and larger habours and islands and to take a hike around when its possible. It is not possible to predict accurate where we will go ashore and anchor, but it will be a part of the journey to harbours as often as it is possible. There will also be plentiful night sailings. On the journey we will also be concerned of all crew requirements, individually and in generel.

Almost around the world:

We are sailing from Split around the 15th. October 2016..

Journey 1: Start approx. 15th. Of October 2016: Veritas leaves from Split in Croatia towards Gilbraltra, approx 1,5 month.
Journey 2: Start around late November 2016: To Canary Islands and Cape Verde before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Approx 2 months.
Journey 3: Start around mid January 2017: Around Caribbean for approx 2-3 months and then westwards towards Galapagos.
Journey 4: Start around late March 2017: Goes through The Panama Canal into the Pacific to Galapagos, Marquesas, Tahiti, BoraBora and Fiji and towards Torres Strait-Australia. Approx 6-7 months.
Journey 5: Start around late July 2017: Torres Strait/Papua New Guinea towards Siam bay near Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and/or Phuket, Thailand with expected arrival December 2017. Approx. 2-3months.

Welcome onboard!

Want to be crew:

Contact for more info.


Good Training - Good Holiday

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Spain
Destination: Italy
Logged in: 1 hours ago

MARAMARA: Fun & informal sailing trips organized by semi retired captain and deckie/trainee captain. Build some miles, catch a whole range of training and a good reference for your CV. Or just try sailing for the first time, see if you like the life at sea.

Next trips ( Sept/Oct ) will be along south coasts of Spain and to Balerics.

Mara Crew


East Coast of US to South Pacific

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:38 f
Location: United States
Destination: None
Logged in: 1 hours ago

lucidsalt: The boat is a 38ft monohull that is being prepared to transit the Panama canal and do a voyage in the South Pacific visiting the more remote spots outside of the standard “milk run” route. I tend to enjoy cruising destinations where there is no airport, has infrequent supply ship visits and has less than five visiting yachts per season.

The Marquesas are beautiful but with several hundred boats crowding the anchorages in March-May, I prefer doing the southern route initially. Desired destinations include the Australs, back up towards Tokelau and a few Polynesian islands that are politically part of the Solomons. Must stop in Fiji to re provision and surf Cloud break! Eventually loop back to Hawaii or continue towards Micronesia.

Currently, the boat is on the east coast (contact me for current location). The Caribbean will be explored on the way down but I prefer to spend a bit of time in Cartagena and in the San Blas.

Unpaid, share expenses, alcohol free environment, minimalist approach (little engine use, anchor out whenever possible, live at local standard of living)

Skipper has over 70,000 miles experience which includes a single handed circumnavigation (below Africa, Panama Canal)

Boat specs, my sailing resume and past voyages can all be seen at

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