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Sailing South from San Francisco

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:37 f
Location: United States
Destination: Mexico
Logged in: 22 minutes ago

boeland: Hello Sailor,
I am 69, retired and planning to leisurely sail my boat from San Francisco Bay to Mexico and beyond. I have little experience of the ocean but have sailed the San Francisco Bay for a few years with a few ocean outings.
I'd like to find crew, experienced or not, interested in sailing down the California coast and into the Sea of Cortez for pleasure. Planning to leave San Francisco in late October/early November 2017. I have no firm plans for the voyage after this but would eventually like to sail to the Pacific islands.


Delivery captain looking for crew

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:30 f
Location: United States
Destination: None
Logged in: 22 minutes ago

byterbit: I do occasional deliveries and need crew- sometimes local to Long Island and sometimes much further afield -


From London to Spain / Portugal

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:30 f
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: None
Logged in: 26 minutes ago

nt57: Hello good people!

Sometime in July or early August I'll take my yacht from London, head along the UK south coast, hop across the Channel, and then either straight across the Bay of Biscay, or take a slower route following the French and Spanish coasts (depending on time mostly, but probably I'll go straight across Biscay).

My aim is to get to Portugal later this year, probably hang around there for a while with some trips to Gibraltar, Spain etc, and then next year... Well, see what happens.

I've lived and worked in many different countries as a scuba instructor, and my plan is to keep that life style going. I love exploring new places, meeting all sorts of people, and just seeing what's out there. I now work remotely, so I can sail pretty much freely.

I'm looking for crew with a similar mindset: adventurous, fun, and interested in seeing the world. Your sailing experience is less important than your willingness to learn, get involved in the tasks onboard, and get your hands dirty.

We'll share any costs onboard - food, moorings, fuel etc., although I plan to keep things as cheap as possible!

So send over a message if you'd like to join me on any or all of the trip.

pmkanitra Urgent

Skipper Needed For Corsica to Sardinia Sail With Fun Crew!

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: France
Destination: Italy
Logged in: 27 minutes ago

pmkanitra: 6 of us in our 20's and 30's have rented a great catamaran to go from Ajaccio to Olbia at the end of August. Our skipper was a friend and just had to cancel at the last minute. We need an English speaking replacement to join us!

Heading west

Surf n board Pacific

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:22 m
Location: Panama
Destination: French Polynesia
Logged in: 34 minutes ago

Heading west: Hi. There....We are currently in Panama San Blas islands Atlantic side to surf and take on some paying guests preferably, as there are enough Cool crew on board and of course your surf boards are welcome just no sups 😀..there is a permanent place for one female partner who will be responsible for handling the Bookings for the paying pax . So if you want to live the seaperson life, learn to surf, free dive spearfish, be with people in the know then we can teach you. You can communicate well perhaps you know how to start and manage a web site? So let's hear from you and do something interesting that you can share with friends....

Over all plan is to be heading across the pacific to Tahiti in April2017 see you there.

Rik's S.V.

Panama - South Pacific

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:36 f
Location: French Polynesia
Destination: French Polynesia
Logged in: 36 minutes ago

Rik's S.V.: -Not looking for paid commercial crew-
-Due to lack of space - No Couples -

Hi sailors, divers,

My name is Rik and I sail my sail 36 ft Najad around the world. Comfort and safety come before speed, so no hurry, no rush, no race, no smoking

May / June / July/ August : visiting, sailing, hiking,diving,....the Gambier Islands,Marquesas and the Tuamotus

As from March 2018 further Pacific sailing from the Tuamotus up to New Zealand

No race or hurry. Sailing, diving, hiking,.... discover the islands in a relaxed athmosphere....
I am used to sail the boat singlehanded so the boat does not need crew to sail but I like good company around.
Participating in the boat chores goes together with all the pleasures of sailing and enjoying the remote anchorages, hiking and diving.
During longer passages you will have to stand watches ( look out for other ships and call whenever any doubt ).
You will take your share in the cost of consumables, immigration and custom fees,...
You are financially independent.

So what is expected from the crew.... have a positive attitude, having a happy nature;

Contributions for the Yachts upkeep : 20 euro pp pd
All other costs as meals, drinks, diesel, marine fees,.....are on a shared base. Count around 5 to 10 euro pp pd

I only take one crew at the time.

If interested, contact me and let's see how you can fit in.


Sailing Cruise

Crew wanted: Recreational Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:15 m
Location: Greece
Destination: Greece
Logged in: 37 minutes ago

mg: Finance professional that left the rat race to go sailing at a leisurely pace... Iím Easy going, Passionate about sailing, Fit, Fun loving and always up for an Adventure... Looking to enjoy Nature and the Beauty of our Planet while taking time to enjoy the Sunsets...

I plan to sail down the Red sea to Asia and perhaps the South Pacific but until the situation in North Africa stabilizes just happy sailing around the Greek Islands...

I am looking for a fun, adventurous lady, capable to assist with piloting, watch keeping...
If your imagination is fired up about sailing and you're curious about the world... If youíre a sparkling woman with a great open hearted laugh... If you love spontaneous outdoors adventures, are enthusiastic and willing to go on little exploration treks on land... If youíre a strong believer humor and sarcasm are the spice of life...
If such characteristics are yours, drop me a line I'd love to have you along for the cruise...


Adventure Cruise: Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and more!

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:47 f
Location: Australia
Destination: Thailand
Logged in: 40 minutes ago

GypseaHeart: Adventurous, highly engaged crew wanted to join me on an epic adventure.

This will be a proper adventure cruise. Our main priority is to have some serious fun while exploring a few of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Although no experience is required, I will need a lot of help running this new-to-me 47' sailing catamaran. Expect to share all sailing and live-aboard duties (cooking, cleaning, etc..) and just be all-around helpful.

There will be a lot of learning happening on this trip, both on my part and yours, so keep in mind that any set-backs are just a part of the journey.

Please be community-minded. This is a fairly comfortable cruising vessel (In my humble opinion), but it's still just a boat and we will all be sharing a decidedly finite amount of space for not-insignificant periods of time.

Enthusiastic personality is a must! This will be the trip of a life-time, so prepare to make the most of it!



Crew wanted: 1st Engineer
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:21 m
Location: United States
Destination: United States
Logged in: 49 minutes ago

CAFlyGirl: Seeking individual with yachting experience interested in crewing on a yacht on the Pacific coast. Mechanical experience a plus.

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