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Position (1st): Amateur crew
Age: 19
Nationality: greeeek
Location: Bahamas, The
Last logged in: 1 minutes ago

paschi: Freeedom of the oceeeean


Noa G

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Captain/skipper
Age: 30
Nationality: Israel
Location: Israel
Last logged in: 7 minutes ago

captain_G: I am not a very experienced Skipper since I just received my License, but I am quite good in navigation, technical arrangements, cooking and having fun.
All I want is to quit my boring office job and join a nice crew to sail wherever the sea is.
I don't own a boat yet. All I want is to make some money that will help me travel and pay my taxes and that is more important for me - get more experience in sailing.
Will be happy to join you, meet new people and explore the world!


John Pearce

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Age: 72
Nationality: English
Location: England
Last logged in: 18 minutes ago

johnpearce18: Male, 72. I spent 4 weeks last year on a 45ft cutter sailing round the Ionian and Italy. Then picked up the boat again for 2 weeks and sailed from Gib to Lanzarote. Spent about 6 days on watches including night. Been sailing for about 25 years but mainly on Dart 18 dinghy.
Also crewed around Solent and brought a trimaran back to Newquay from S. Wales.

Scurvy Crew

Yacht Sailor

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 64
Nationality: British
Location: England
Last logged in: 28 minutes ago

Scurvy Crew: I have been a dinghy instructor and safety boat driver with youngsters for fifteen years. I did a Day Skipper course in 2004 just for the hell of it and enjoyed it thoroughly. Recent trips were a delivery to Largs from Hartlepool as skipper in spring 2014 followed by crewing from Humber to Eastborne later in the year. Last year a trip from Portsmouth to Valencia and a major part of a round Britain cruise.



Position (1st): Recreational Crew
Position (2nd): Amateur crew
Age: 61
Nationality: USA
Location: United States
Last logged in: 30 minutes ago

Signalman1: Served on many ships during my 4 years in the United States Navy (1983-1987). I served an additional 19 years in the United States Navy Reserves (1987-2006). I have stood hundreds of visual watches in my naval career. I know semaphore, flashing light and rules of road. Along with basic charts and plotting,

I was part of a crew for a month in the Caribbean (Spring 2016) and a month in Alaska (August 2016). While crewing I sailed the boat, trimmed the sails, dropped the anchor, cleaned the bottom of the boat, made simple meals, cleaned the boat, stood watches, assisted in docking and refueling.

l enjoy hiking, camping, mountin biking, kayaking, golfing, traveling and I do a lot of road cycling (4,000 miles + per year).

I am a fit, retired, single man looking to join a sailboat for about one month. I don't smoke and l don't drink very much. I am happy to do my share of the work (cooling, cleaning, and sailing). I am looking forward to snorkeling, sightseeing and the adventure of saiing the world.

I own and enjoy sailing my 14' Hobie cataraman around Lake Mead. I have a very flexible retirement schedule.


Alaskan girl looking for adventure

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Racing Crew
Age: 29
Nationality: USA
Location: United States
Last logged in: 38 minutes ago

Kombucha: I grew up playing around on a little zuma with my sister and cousins. I've always dreamed of learning how to sail on the ocean and have been drawn by the idea of traveling so freely. I am a quick learner and a strong, hard worker and am hoping to learn everything I can about sailing from a sailor who doesn't mind teaching someone new to the lifestyle.

I am an EMT. I am also learning to dive (with my open water and dry suit certifications right now, but I am hoping to learn more soon!)

I have been running sled dogs up in Alaska for the last four years and am patrolling Denali Park by dog team currently. Work is up November 17th and I'd love to go on an adventure!


Planning to travel the World in 2016/2017

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Recreational Crew
Age: 30
Nationality: Portuguese
Location: Singapore
Last logged in: 41 minutes ago

lourencoaroso: I'm planning to travel the World in 2016/2017 and I would love to cross the south pacific on a sail boat. My first idea is to go from Australia to South America.


sea passion

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 38
Nationality: Italiana
Location: Brazil
Last logged in: 45 minutes ago

ElVirgy: Sea is my home!


Chris Burns

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Recreational Crew
Age: 22
Nationality: United States
Location: United States
Last logged in: 52 minutes ago

ctburns: I am a recent college graduate living in San Diego before beginning medical school in the Fall of 2017. I am hoping to learn to sail and have an adventure before entering medical school. I have backpacked extensively through North and South America. I am laid back, a hard worker, a quick learner, and excited for the challenges of travel and sailing.



Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 25
Nationality: Italian
Location: Mexico
Last logged in: 52 minutes ago

Andregremlz: I am an italian traveller. I have never sailed but I love the sea and I would like to live it for a period. I am looking for a boat in order to travel and know more.

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