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Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Bosun
Age: 24
Nationality: Montenegrian
Location: Montenegro
Last logged in: 7 hours ago

Captain92: Finishing maritime college in Kotor, nautical department. I have a basic licences, and drive licences for the little boat. Speak 3 language English,Russian and little Italian. For me don't been problem worked in another country. I have ecspirians two season's like dechand. Last year I worked on tourist boat in Montenegro, and this year on yachts in charter and private.
In freee time I like to play sports, recreationally.



Position (1st): Bosun
Position (2nd): Competent Crew
Age: 29
Nationality: Italy
Location: Spain
Last logged in: 7 hours ago

valerio.romano: To Employ estensive sailing experience , maintenence skills. I'm hard worker, positive mind


Solovev Feliks

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Bosun
Age: 43
Nationality: Russian
Location: Bulgaria
Last logged in: 8 hours ago

Fel: Hello, proficient seaman is available for job. I have more than five year of work experience like the delivery/relief captan, bosun, deck mate on yachts up to 52m. I had practice in navigation at Mediterranean and Indian Ocean. Good tender, jet, two engine or sail boat driver, carpenter, varnishing skills, fishing, advanced diver, professional travel photographer also.
Cocs: Seaman’s Discharge Book,ENG1;
STCW95; SCRB; PDSD; MFA; ROP; AFF; ARPA; Skipper of seagoing vessel up to 40 GT; Shengen; European passport, Bi-lingual English/Russian. All certificates current. Non-smoker, no tattoo.
I am in the MED now. Traveling or relocating are no problem for me. 
Mail me pleas for further info and references, thanks.
Email:  Mobile No: +359877325621 Viber, Face Time.
Skype: Felik_s



Position (1st): Bosun
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 46
Nationality: ROMANIAN
Location: Romania
Last logged in: 18 hours ago



about me

Position (1st): Bosun
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 28
Nationality: Indian
Location: India
Last logged in: 21 hours ago

asvinisailor: After working for 58 months on merchant ships as deck crew and deck officer, I would like to make my career in yachting industry as it is the most existing and booming industry where i can shiw my professional skills and team work.

Looking for permanent or temporary position on deck



Position (1st): Bosun
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 21
Nationality: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Last logged in: 1 days ago

Alexbeforethemast: Im a social hard working person who takes my job seriously. Combining team work with experience I make sure that I do the best I can under my given circumstances.


Hard worker, professional sailor

Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Bosun
Age: 33
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 1 days ago

CRoyle: Went from novice sailor to Yachtmaster within six months during one blustery English winter. Followed by 15 months continuous service aboard a 44 metre sailing vessel, after twelve months as deckhand I was promoted to Bosun and served for a further three months in this position, it was a difficult decision to leave.

Overall I am a very capable person, calm and adaptable with very little ego to clash with clients and colleagues alike. Always looking to improve my skills and hoping to advance in the long term. I love sailing and being on boats, it took me a while but I have found the career I want to do for the rest of my life.


its me

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Bosun
Age: 8
Nationality: french
Location: Brazil
Last logged in: 2 days ago

captainjaysea: Jean Claude RAMBERT
Skype jean.claude.rambert

Nationality: French

Live & Sailing for my leisure in Maui Hawaii Jan 2016 / Oct 2016
Captain private Sailing Yacht INDIGO III. Lagoon 67 S (Nr 3) May 2011 / Oct 2015
Navigation France, Corsica, Italia, Greece,Albania,Spain,Gibraltar,Canarias & Atlantic crossing to
Antigua, caribbean Sea, Florida, Bahamas, Panama, Tahiti -
Full Refit in Dania Beach Florida with Just Catamarans Inc July 2014 to June 2015 before pacific crossing
Catamaran Captain delivery (Lagoon 440 -AQUILLON) from Tortola (BVI) to Cairns (Australia)
Jan / May 2011
Catamaran Captain Delivery (Lagoon 440 -BUBAS) from Panama to Tahiti April / July 2010
Photographer free lance in Sao Paulo Brasil Jan 2009/ April 2010
Bora Bora May 2004/May 2006
Skipper on a 64 feets private catamaran (Outremer 64) NIRVANA 64 in South Pacific. Maintenance, delivery
and navigation where the owner or his friends want to go for there holidays
Bora Bora Mar 2001/ May 2004
Skipper or deckhand in delivery job around the world NZ, AU, HWI, FR to Tahiti, Carribean to Tahiti and many
shorts deliveries in French Polynesia
Bora Bora Jan 2000 / Mar 2001
Skipper Instructor on the two 64 feet catamarans CIM in the Meridien Hotel for a private company . Day and
sunset cruise with sometimes 70 customers. Boat also available for privates tours.
Bora Bora Fun - Bora Bora – French Polynesia Oct 1994 / May 1999
Owner & Skipper
Day Charter and sunset cruise in Bora Bora with a racing catamaran F40 ‘ex Fleury Michon
From 1981 until 1999 I had my own sailing boat than I used for cruising every week end of the year and
holidays in Atlantic and Mediterranean sea..
- French Navy School – Technical Radiotelegraphie Janv. 70 / July70
- French Navy School Opérator Radiotelegraphiste Jan 67 / July 67
Visa B1/B2 for USA right until 2023
Car and Moto Driver license
Dive Certificat level 1
Captain capacity and Professional Charter certificate / STCW 95/RYA yachtmaster ocean
Speak French – English - notion of Portugues Italian and Spanish
Interest- Passion
Photos, video
Sailing, fishing, diving, and everything in relation with ocean. Nature , Animals
Reading economics and specifics magazines
Nature Eveil Bora Bora - Founding member and secretary – Reef check, lagoon environment , partner school
in this way .
easygoing gentleman, no smoker, very positive , humble.
4 years on the last CNB Custom Lagoon 67 S yacht catamaran between France Greece, caribbean,
Floride, Tahiti.
Refit one years with Just Catamarans - Dania Beach Florida before pacific crossing .
5 Panama Canal transit
5 atlantic crossing
5 pacific crossing Panama Tahiti and 4 until NZ , New Caledonia or Australia
14 Pacific crossing between Tahiti/ Los Angeles-San Pedro/Tahiti as a crew on a little tanker
Begin sailing in 1967.
A lot of delivery in south pacific
1994/1999 skipper / owner F40 in Bora Bora for day charter
Visa B1/B2 right until 2023

Edson martins


Position (1st): Bosun
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 26
Nationality: Brazilian
Location: Portugal
Last logged in: 2 days ago

Edson martins: Six years total working on boats.
Two years working on maintenance
Nearly for years of sailing.
Two Atlantic crossings on private boat.
Places that I've been sailing as a deckhand:
Portugal, Galicia, Ireland, West Indies and Bermuda.
It's an pleasure to answer any question.


Mr. Onur Elmas

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Bosun
Age: 32
Nationality: Türkiye
Location: Turkey
Last logged in: 2 days ago


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