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Mr. Frank Labor

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Captain/skipper
Age: 70
Nationality: USA
Location: United States
Last logged in: 10 minutes ago

Flabor: Have sailed for over 30 years. Captained 30' Tartan and 14' Flying Junior. Crewed on racing yachts 39' Carter (Trimmer) and 22' Ensign (1st Mate/Foredeck). Recently sailed US and British Virgin Islands (43' Beneteau; June 2016). Also moved sailing school boat (46'; September 2016) from Newport RI to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Working toward US COAST Guard Licence needing time on the water.
Friendly, sociable, fun loving and adventurous.


Rick Rodriguez

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): 1st mate
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Location: United States
Last logged in: 33 minutes ago

rrodr123: Grew up in the islands of The Florida Keys. Been boating my entire life! Have spent the last year working on sailing yachts as mate and skipper ranging in size from 33ft to 96ft. Currently working as first mate on a 96' sailing yacht. Saving up to begin cruising full time on my own 33ft CSY starting summer of 2017. I will be looking for young and fun crew! Planning on cruising the Bahamas, Central America, then possibly the South Pacific. Let me know if you're interested!

Instagram: ricki_rod



Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): 1st mate
Age: 43
Nationality: Bulgarian
Location: Italy
Last logged in: 38 minutes ago

makalan: Experienced captain with 19 years at sea 9 as a yacht captain, able to handle all ongoing aspects of boat handling, route-and weather planning, maintenance, navigation, finances, cooking, cleaning, etc. high degree of personal and nautical professionalism in all matters. Fluent English ,Russian,Macedonian advanced Greece. Safety conscious. Non-drinker and non-smoker. Have decent all-around engineering skills – electrical, mechanical, plumbing, hydraulics, woodworking etc.
Skipper of pleasure craft 300 tons unlimited ,Bulgarian
Yacht master offshore 200 GT ,
Skipper of seagoing vessel up to 40GT
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats
Tel.+359 889 615 605


Easy going, Team Player and Reliable

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 58
Nationality: Indonesian
Location: Indonesia
Last logged in: 49 minutes ago

SoloVoyager: Available as a short-term (up to 1 year) contract Skipper, Delivery Skipper or Crew. Currently based in Bali, prefer to work in Asia Pacific but wiling to work worldwide for the right situation.

I am an Italian born Indonesian. Spent a good part of my life in Northern California. Easy going, professional, excellent team player, communicative and reliable individual with 16000+ offshore millage. Speak fluent English, Indonesian and conversational Russian. If you need the job done right, I am the person for you.

Hope to hear from you soon.




Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 54
Nationality: Spain
Location: Dominican Republic
Last logged in: 52 minutes ago

egslsr: Specialist in CATAMARANS sail and Power.
Deliveries in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Worldwide.
US visa B1/B2
Fit, no drugs or alcohol.No smoke.
Experience in Charter and Private boats.


Yacht Opportunities

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 31
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Canada
Last logged in: 53 minutes ago

Mark11: Looking to build my sailing resume while meeting some new people. I have a passion for all ocean activities including surfing, diving, fishing (spear and line). I enjoy the culinary arts, both tasting and creating foods from around the world. I have worked /sailed in South America, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Coastal United States, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mediterranean on vessels ranging from 9m to 44m in a variety of roles from steward, cook, deckhand and captain.

I have commercial lobster fishing, as well as offshore passage making experience.

I am easy to get along with and thrive in high turnover positions.

Please feel free to contact me for a more detailed description of my work history and references.



Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): 1st mate
Age: 50
Nationality: Danish
Location: Philippines
Last logged in: 1 hours ago

Ksm766: Can embark asap.


About me

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Competent Crew
Age: 59
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Canada
Last logged in: 1 hours ago

Experienced 10,000, Ocean / 5000 Costal

Currently I'm a Chief Mate on a 65' power yacht responsible for all Captain and Engineering duties. Underway for one year traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Trinidad visiting all the islands within the wind word and leeward chain, then back up the chain west to Cuba, Mexico and south.

Sailed everything from a sunfish to 65 foot Ocean Cats. (30 Years of experience) (Tornado Racer)
5 Deliveries (3 blue water) First Mate aboard 58 foot Trimaran. Raced multiple years in the Rolex Cup, Copa Velasco (P.R.), and BVI Spring race (CORT series). Check-out and charter captain for Charter Co. USVI
Worked as a rigger in the Independent Boat Yard St. Thomas USVI. Designed and installed communications packages for Cruise ships. Excellent knowledge of all marine systems including electrical, mechanical and engines.
If something breaks or if the conditions are unearthly, I'm the man you want onboard to get you through the tough times.

As well as being a skilled and viable asset to the vessel, I'm a pleasant, easy to get along with, funny, mature team player. I'm sure we'll all have a great time! Looking forward to meeting you.


Nik Mavroudis

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Instructor
Age: 38
Nationality: Greek
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 1 hours ago

NikMavroudis: I have a dynamic personality and I am decisive, very active and a responsible person. I was a Sea Scout for more than 18 years, Venture leader (teenagers 15-18years old) for about 13 years and Sea Scout instructor the last 6 years as a hobby. This proves that sailing is integral part of my life. I studied economics and worked for 8 years as an Economic Advisor, but my passion for nature and sailing made me realise that yachting was the right job for me. Currently I am Yachtmaster Instructor (sail) and RYA Yachtmaster Offshore (power). My main objective is to become an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor in Motorboats too, RYA Yachtmaster Examiner and Marine Engineer and work as a skipper or instructor anywhere in the world.


A few things about me

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): 1st mate
Age: 50
Nationality: Swiss
Location: Switzerland
Last logged in: 2 hours ago

Landré: Hello, my name is André and I am looking for jobs as a delivery skipper for ocean crossing or shorter passages. I am based in Geneva, Switzerland during summer and in St Martin, Lesser Antilles during winter.

I plan to work for charter companies during the winter season in the Caribbean but in spring, summer and fall, I am available to work as a delivery skipper. Planning to apply for YM Ocean Sail in 2017 and YM Offshore Power in the future, I'm also interested in building experience on powerboats as first mate or crew.

RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail commercialy endorsed, my first language is French, I also speak fluent English and have good knowledge of German. I have a very social and friendly character with good communication skills. I enjoy learning from others as well as sharing my knowledge and passion for sailing. My last passage was the delivery of a 44’ sailing yacht from Seattle to Brisbane as co-skipper and navigator.

I am professional, hard worker and I take my skipper’s responsibilities seriously. I also have a good knowlege of mechanics and boat repair having worked on refits as well as boat maintenance during inshore and offshore passages.

Looking forward hearing from you, best regards and fair winds. André.

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