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Seeking a story

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Chief Hostess/Steward
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Location: United States
Last logged in: 1 hours ago

Hobbitaboard: I'm a writer in search of an ocean adventure. I'm interested in sailing and would love to learn the basics of seamanship. Never sailed before, probably will get seasick, but whatever makes a good story---that's what I want.


good cook

Position (1st): Chief Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Medical Staff
Age: 64
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Canada
Last logged in: 2 hours ago

Rose-Ange: I love the ocean and cooking, diving,swimming and travelling.I am easy going and I have traveled a lot. I am raidy to go.


Alena & Martin - a couple (hostess & skipper)

Position (1st): Chief Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Captain/skipper
Age: 38
Nationality: Czech Republic
Location: Martinique
Last logged in: 2 hours ago

aala: We are on a journey around the world with our sailling boat. We are in Caribbean for 3 years now and we would like to work on some boat as a crew members. I like to cook, clean and I am communicative with people, Martin is a skipper and engineer ... but we are open for everything :) We are friendly and we like to meet new people and destinations. We both have US visa (B1/B2).


Margot Chelghaf

Position (1st): Chief Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 26
Nationality: French
Location: France
Last logged in: 6 hours ago

Margot.C: I am a 26 French national, traveling the world for four years now. I have been sailing all around French Polynesia and New Zealand.
Passionate with winemaking and hospitality, I have a wide set of skills and experiences in high-class service.
Pretty open-minded about the location, type of boat and remuneration.

Massimo Possibile

Experienced Crew/ cook/ Diving instructor

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Chief Hostess/Steward
Age: 54
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 9 hours ago

Massimo Possibile: Have loved sailing since dinghy racing at school. Working as a Dive instructor since 1999, so have spent much time on various seas in many craft.
In 2012 got to crew a sailing boat from Mexico to Guatemala.
In 2014 Worked on a 44ft Cat delivery form La Rochelle, France to St Marten. From there helped sail a 56ft trimaran to St Johns US VI.
I joined a 50 ft mono hull in Curacao. having sailed to Panama & crossing the canal, ended this trip in Tahiti 2015.
Sailed from Mexico to Guatemala, 38ft Morgan, this year 2016. Now find myself back in the UK looking for the next adventure. I'm looking to gain more sailing experience.
I can turn my hand to most things and love cooking. I worked in catering/hospitality before running away to be a Scuba instructor.



Position (1st): Chief Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 40
Nationality: Grenadian
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 9 hours ago

CARREIRA04: I am a Caribbean national having been born in Grenada and grown up in Trinidad and now reside in the U.K. I am currently looking for a job on a yacht or small vessel.I feel that my expertise in food and beverage coupled with my natural enthusiasm would be a strong asset. As i had previously worked for cruise ship for a number of years as a food and beverage Manager. I have strong kn0wledge of deck hand procedure having been lifeboat operating crew as my emergency duties on the cruise ship


Experienced charter captain and chef/mate couple

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Chief Hostess/Steward
Age: 26
Nationality: South Africa
Location: British Virgin Islands
Last logged in: 10 hours ago

Gbrevans: My partner and Myself are experienced charter crew from a variety of boats and cruising grounds. We have been chartering together for 3 years in the BVI and have been in the industry for 8 years in total. Our CV'S are available on request.

deniz büyücüsü

About Me

Position (1st): Chief Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Hostess/Steward
Age: 36
Nationality: Turkish
Location: Turkey
Last logged in: 12 hours ago

deniz büyücüsü: I love to work on the sea, I'm doing this job nearly thirteen years,If you are interested in my cv you can contact me.


About me

Position (1st): Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Chief Hostess/Steward
Age: 26
Nationality: Ukrainian
Location: Ukraine
Last logged in: 13 hours ago

movax10: I am responsible, hardworking, hornest, attantive, energetic, friendly. Capable for a fast additional training. I am cheerful and find a common language with the employees of the enterprise easily. I’m Master of Sport of Ukraine (swimming, sailing). As well I have an experience of work on boat. I think I’ll meet your requirements and I hope you’ll be pleased with my job.


2001-2005 - 1st place in Ukrainian Swimming Championships
2006-2012 - 1st place in Ukrainian Sailing Championships
La Rocelle 2010 - 3d on European Championship of sailing in France
World Champ 2010 - 6th on World Champ in Qatar

Work experience

2001-2005 Ukrainian national swimming team

2006-2012 Ukrainian national sailing team

2013 Stewardees on 30 m MY in France

2015 Stewardess on 35 m MY in Greece, Turkey



Position (1st): Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Chief Hostess/Steward
Age: 25
Nationality: Russian
Location: Russia
Last logged in: 14 hours ago

EkaterinaStrausova: I have the necessary personal qualities to work as a steward on a yacht, ready for further training. I am always glad to get a new experience. I can quickly and easily learn, have good communication skills for communicating with people, flexible, easy and responsive. Taking work, I always try to do it effectively and get the result. I have a high organization and I show myself as a great specialist. I have all the qualities that your company must solve problems and fulfill all the necessary tasks. I can do several things at the same time, independently plan the work schedule and manage everything.

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