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DaySkipper practical/Yachtmaster theory/VHF/FirstAid

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 51
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 13 minutes ago

Dan777: DaySkipper practical/Yachtmaster theory/VHF/FirstAid


This is me

Position (1st): Delivery Crew
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 19
Nationality: Namibian
Location: South Africa
Last logged in: 21 minutes ago

nam-ros: Good day

Im new to the sailing industry, needed a carreer change as i was in retail most of my working life. I decided to leave the industry and persue my happyness - the love of ocean sailing.

Im a team player and work well under presure, i will go the extra mile to proof myself and no task is to big, i am a go getter and a very neat sort of perfectionist if it comes to attention to detail.

Im ready to sail and proof my worthiness to my Captain or fellow crew

bon voyage


On A Mission

Position (1st): Delivery Crew
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 26
Nationality: American
Location: United States
Last logged in: 25 minutes ago

aedes3737: I'm am an adventurous, diligent individual that will have an idea and want to make it manifest. I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering and turned my sight towards the sea. Without the geological constraint of education and no interest in an office job I've set off towards making a career in the yachting world as an engineer. With my engineering mindset and yearn to learn, I feel sailing creates a great platform for manifesting a career in an environment that also satisfies a lifestyle of interest. Just before graduation, I attained my STCW 95 qualifications. After half a season of day working, I flew down to Fort Lauderdale to get my MCA AEC at MPT as well as my MCA ENG1. During holiday in South Africa, I took the opportunity to get my RYA day skippers licenses as well as RYA Powerboat Level II and RYA Marine Radio SRC. I've been taking all job opportunities that offer room for growth as a mariner and to build miles and experience under other professionals and seafarers. I want to continue honing my knowledge as a sailor, skill set on deck and in the engine room, and of various places around the world.


looking for some fun transits

Position (1st): Delivery Crew
Position (2nd): Engineer/Mechanic
Age: 37
Nationality: usa
Location: United States
Last logged in: 28 minutes ago

morgan@whalecreekmarina: 36 yo man with uscg captains license, 2 years of tall ship experience, cooked on a liveaboard dive boat and have mated on charter boats. I have helped on múltiple deliveries in the past few years both in America and international. I have sailed my own boat from my to key west and have captained a catamaran on a east coast delivery. I currently own and operate a seasonal marina in south new jersey where we do rental boats and I work on small outboards. I am a certified Nissan/tohatsu dealer/mechanic. Fun loving friendly guy who fits in and pulls his own weight on board.

Scurvy Crew

Yacht Sailor

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 64
Nationality: British
Location: England
Last logged in: 28 minutes ago

Scurvy Crew: I have been a dinghy instructor and safety boat driver with youngsters for fifteen years. I did a Day Skipper course in 2004 just for the hell of it and enjoyed it thoroughly. Recent trips were a delivery to Largs from Hartlepool as skipper in spring 2014 followed by crewing from Humber to Eastborne later in the year. Last year a trip from Portsmouth to Valencia and a major part of a round Britain cruise.



Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 31
Nationality: British
Location: Scotland
Last logged in: 31 minutes ago

willhome: I completed my RYA Competent Crew course on the west coast of Scotland after sailing in the Aegean with friends. My plan is to gain more practical experience, and I have already arranged some sailing trips on Kielder lake and on the west coast of scotland.

I am also using the winter months to complete some more practical and shorebased courses. I will be taking the Day Skipper Practical and Theory, and Powerboat Level 2 (ICC) (all RYA) over February and March. I have already completed my First Aid, VHF Radio, Sea Survival and Diesel Engine maintenance courses

I spent a chunk of my 20's traveling and am therefore comfortable with moving around, meeting new faces and taking on any new challenges which come up


Ready to Sail Worldwide

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 45
Nationality: German
Location: Spain
Last logged in: 32 minutes ago

MyVanuatu: Hello,
I'm holding costal skipper licence and i got experience frim more than 10.000nm sailing in the Mediterranen, Atlantic Ocean, Carribean, Indian Ocean, Baltic sea and Pacific Ocean. I have skills in navigation, engineering and of course sailing. I know the daily chores on a boat. Mostly I sailed on private SY. Sailing is my passion. I'm an open water and shore diver. I'm independent and ready to travel.

Kind Regards,




Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 30
Nationality: Croatia
Location: Italy
Last logged in: 35 minutes ago

Captain105: Looking for permanent seasonal job yacht up to 80 ft


Competent, conservative, well rounded sailor (USCG 100T MASTER)

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 41
Nationality: American
Location: United States
Last logged in: 40 minutes ago

DependableSailor: I completed my solo circumnavigation between 2008 and 2012 in a 30ft sloop and in more recent years completed over 30,000NM's successfully skippering offshore deliveries in yachts from 45 to 75ft. I aspire to see others accomplish their sailing / voyaging goals and I am as comfortable teaching new owners and crew members as well as crewing myself when the right opportunity presents.

For over 8 years now I have been sailing and living exclusively 'on board'. I had the benefit of crewing with excellent mentors / captains early in my sailing career for countless offshore miles while I began preparing for my own solo circumnavigation. Lately I have been cruising the South West Caribbean on my own boat when I'm not helping others accomplish their own offshore sailing ambitions or working mostly long-distance offshore yacht deliveries. I'm comfortable in just about any weather scenario but I still tend to choose safer conservative weather windows. I don't race or even sail for the thrill as much as the reward that accompanies a well met challenge.

While on most assignments I am working as the skipper, I am also keen to crew and work with Captains or Owners and famalies on their own vessels. Sometimes I even find the right boat going the right direction to be irresistible regardless of the position or compensation available.

I make no claims to be a professional surveyor, rigger, mechanic, engineer, electrician, cook, etc. However I rarely find myself needing the services of those experts as I do know my way around marine engines and have experience maintaining, diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing most systems on a boat. I lack some experience troubleshooting the less crucial dockside AC electrical systems but I'm fairly comfortable dealing with most shipboard DC 12/24V issues. I've been maintaining VHF and SSB Radio systems since I've been sailing and can usually get to the bottom of an autopilot issue (electric, hydraulic, or even a windvane) when the duty calls. I've dealt with nearly every type of boat challenge at some point or another from unclogging the sink, rebuilding the pump in the head, finding the bad connection, diagnosing the bad battery, un-sticking the roller furler, rebuilding the raw water pump, to putting out the fire, and even serious offshore rigging failures without 'loosing the stick'.... I have also been accused of bringing pelagic fish on board at will without using fishing rods and then transforming them into a mean curry once sashimi starts to get boring. That's still far from saying I could replace or wouldn't value a good engineer or cook on board.

As a skipper I usually start with a thorough survey of the vessel and establish its readiness to go to offshore. I can assist or coordinate all aspects in preparing for an offshore passage of any length. I attract and provide excellent well qualified volunteer crew if required and I also enjoy working with owners or families providing training if desired. After focusing on safety my next priority is to accomplish the passage with minimal or no damage to the vessel in relative comfort. Typically arriving in better condition than our departure.

I am available and do travel on short notice world wide. I have been specializing in skippering deliveries to, from, and through Panama (including San Blas) with over 15 Canal Transits completed in total. I can also assist if you need local knowledge of Panamanian waters, San Blas, or local repairs to prepare for your passage.

I have recently passed all exams and requirements for a U.S.C.G Captains License, upgraded to 100 Ton Master w/ Sail Endorsement (pending) and in 2016 re-certified by the Red Cross in First Aid and CPR. In addition to my skill set and experience I usually supply; Global Medical Insurance. A back up EPIRB and portable digital chart-plotting system complete with world charts. A portable satellite tracking device so owners, in addition to family members of the crew, know our location and status.

If you got this far please read my recent delivery references below and message me so we can discuss how I might help with your sailing plans!



Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 25
Nationality: Italian
Location: Mexico
Last logged in: 52 minutes ago

Andregremlz: I am an italian traveller. I have never sailed but I love the sea and I would like to live it for a period. I am looking for a boat in order to travel and know more.

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