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Yatchmaster offshore .commercial endorsement.

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Dive Instructor
Age: 48
Nationality: French
Location: France
Last logged in: 43 minutes ago

Joachimdazzy: French captain

If you are looking for a good sailor how like fishing, will be a pleasure for me to be your captain.

I'm usually sail in caraibe..Thailand..Mediterranean...atlantique..and between Brittany and England, where the navigation is ..a little bit more difficult..



Surf Dive Sail Explore

Position (1st): Dive Instructor
Position (2nd): Captain/skipper
Age: 54
Nationality: United States
Location: British Virgin Islands
Last logged in: 5 hours ago

brianinsaintthomas: Surfer/Diver/Sailor/Skipper is a good guy to have aboard your boat or operation – with lots of mechanical, electrical, construction and business knowledge, plenty of hands-on skills, and practical boating experience..…

Healthy, active & fit, but still like a drink, don’t use tobacco. Steady and dependable, but youthful, adaptable, light-hearted and fun-loving. Get the job done, and take safety seriously, but laughing is good, too. Get along best with non-judgmental and open-minded individuals. Unencumbered, with US Passport, free to travel beginning April.

Current certifications:
USCG 25-ton Coastal w/sailing & towing endorsements
PADI MSDT Instructor with Deep, Wreck, Nitrox, Gas Blender & Equipment Specialties
IYT Coxswain, Superyacht Deck, Powerboat & Rib Master, Diveboat Ops Specialist
FCC VHF Operator's License
EFR Instructor -- 1st Aid, CPR/AED, Emergency O2 provider

Thanks for your time reading this long post, but it's bound to save at least one of us some time in the long haul!



enthusiastic dive instructor with boat experience

Position (1st): Dive Instructor
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 32
Nationality: German
Location: Australia
Last logged in: 15 hours ago

Traveldiverkatja: I´m a dive instructor and worked on a live aboard in Cairns/ Australia. My passion is diving and the ocean and I love being on the boat and to share my passion with others. I´m searching for any dive job on a boat around Australia.


Sailor, diver, biologist and Fire fighter.

Position (1st): Dive Instructor
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 27
Nationality: Swedish
Location: Sweden
Last logged in: 1 days ago

liecmarine: I have worked and lived on 50 ft sailboats for about a total time of 9 months, but grew up sailing in Sweden and in the med on a 47ft boat, and own my own 22 ft boat that I have lived on for the past 4 months. I love sailing, the ocean and adventure. Highly adaptable and know what it means to be onboard with little space for an extended time.

Experienced Elite PADI Scuba Instructor hoping to combine my passion for diving with sailing. Expecting to complete my yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore within a year, and my STCW95 BAsic Safety course as soon as I get back to Sweden form my current trip.

Time at sea
Yacht transport: Adventure 55 sailing yacht, France – England
Yacht transport: Matrix 4500 catamaran sailing yacht, Italy – Spain

Days working at sea: approx. 204
Logged sea miles: 4000+

Scuba professional certifications
PADI Open Water Diver Instructor (#260823)
PADI Boat Diver Instructor
PADI Fish ID Instructor
PADI Peak Performance Bouyancy Instructor
Project AWARE Instructor
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor

OWSI Summary
• 350 logged dives
• 500 dives
• PADI OWSI 150 Elite instructor 2015
• PADI OWSI 50 Elite instructor 2014
• Winner My PADI Elite Instructor Challenge 2015
• 100 diving certifications
• 200 non-diving certifications
Maritime education
IYT Flotilla Skipper
IYT Competent crew
IYT VHF certificate
Swedish Inshore Boating license (Förarintyg)
PADI Enriched air
PADI Equipment specialist

For more personal information and CV check out:


Sea Shepherd Dive coral propagation trainer and open water scuba instructor avai

Position (1st): Dive Instructor
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 33
Nationality: British
Location: Thailand
Last logged in: 1 days ago

Eloisesookhram: Hello!

Im eloise - currently based in Thailand & have been mainly focussed on coral conservation for the last season.

I started a project - Willow Conservation - the first coral propagation charter of its kind, ran well for a couple of months, but the capt - my business partner wanted more $$ so we folded it sadly

This has left me at a loose end and looking for something to get stuck into

I spent most of this year 2017- living on a 50ft yacht in the Andaman sea which was lovely!

So I want to put my competent crew qualification to some use, preferably with an incorporation of conservation and scuba or some kind of water based work. I am a hard working and enthusiastic girl, have been travelling a lot over the last 10 years, I can play bass guitar, love music, passionate about eating well and keeping fit and healthy. Keen martial artist,I adore the ocean and being in it. I want to see new horizons and learn new skills, while getting enough money to subsidise the next stage of my career. Thank you for looking and hopefully see you soon! Booboosoox is my skype name for ease of contact.


alexander olin

Position (1st): Dive Instructor
Position (2nd): Recreational Crew
Age: 27
Nationality: swedish
Location: None
Last logged in: 1 days ago

owsialex: A swedish PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor with plenty of experience in recreational water sports. I've taught diving for roughly 2 years to clients from all different social classes. Great with both kids and adults.



Position (1st): 1st mate
Position (2nd): Dive Instructor
Age: 53
Nationality: french
Location: Canary Islands
Last logged in: 1 days ago

overlander: Long expérience on sailing boat , Professional master , divemater, owner of a 44 foot sailing boat



Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Dive Instructor
Age: 26
Nationality: French and swiss
Location: France
Last logged in: 1 days ago

Marjolene: I am strong and courageous. I participate many summer activities with Swiss Cetacean Society for conservation of marine life and impact of plastic on a sea. I have a strong experience with the frigate L'Hermione during 1 year. Im am polivalent, i am also instructor of diving.
I love sailing boat!



Position (1st): Chef
Position (2nd): Dive Instructor
Age: 38
Nationality: italian
Location: Italy
Last logged in: 2 days ago

enrico_bucca: I´m a dynamic Italian guy looking for a new challenging job for the next season. I'm an expert dive
instructor and I have a good background in Mediterranean cousin. I have two big passions, one is
cooking and the other is diving. My family owned a restaurant in Italy so I can say I grow up in a
kitchen. Since I was very young I admired the ability of the chefs who were working in the
restaurant and from them I learned all the secrets of the great italian cousin. I started to travel when
I was young and my other passion helps me to find a jobs in different places around the world. As a
diving instructor I was traveling and working all around the world and I obtained a good experience
in this field. My travels gave me the opportunity of working in different countries, from which I
learned the importance of respecting other cultures and learning from them beside the opportunity
of learning different languages at a high level.


Deckhand/ Dive Instructor

Position (1st): Dive Instructor
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 25
Nationality: Australian
Location: Bahamas, The
Last logged in: 2 days ago

ashkaras: I am a 25 y/o Australian female Deckhand/ Dive instructor. I love to travel, anything to do with the water; kayaking, jet skis, paddle boards, diving, snorkelling, etc. I have a passion for both underwater and above water photography

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