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Hello! I am planning to take time off from teaching and want to learn to sail

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 37
Nationality: United States
Location: United States
Last logged in: 3 hours ago

AlexaMae: I am interested in traveling and learning to sail. I would love to be a part of an ameture research crew or to find someone going on an adventure that could use help and company along the way. I've taught Special Education in the public school system and am in need of some new and different experiences. I have a graduate diploma in Environmental Management, Sustainable Water Resources Management, Film & Video, and English. I've traveled a fair bit and have lived in 3 countries, and the passport is ready to go. If you're looking for someone who can help and learn, please let me know! I have a 5 pound happy dog that would love to come too, otherwise I will find someone to look after her while I am gone, but would love for her to come along on the adventure :)


Civil Engineer

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 24
Nationality: Polish
Location: Spain
Last logged in: 5 hours ago

DawidPalubski: I'm a Inland skipper. I've sail on Skagerrak and Kattegat. I have a diving (and driving) license, Long Range Certificate and experience with climbing.


Benjamin Engel

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 22
Nationality: Australian
Location: Australia
Last logged in: 15 hours ago

fredpumpkin: Will update later


Sail experience on small sailboat.

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 46
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Canada
Last logged in: 16 hours ago

sergeferron: Want to get experience before get my own sailboat. Great fisherman, love diving, i'm a rescue diver.



Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 48
Nationality: Australian
Location: Australia
Last logged in: 20 hours ago

JustAddWater: Adventurous boatie & diver, I recently travelled to Fiji & keen to return, but open to any opportunities.

Available now, June - September 2016.

Multi skilled, commercial boating experience & plenty of hospitality experience, including cooking.
I'm a fun & happy easy going person.
If you need great crew or company & going my way please contact me.
Based in South East Queensland.



Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 43
Nationality: Miami,United States
Location: United States
Last logged in: 20 hours ago

funsail: Hello My name is Jeff!I've had a love for the ocean my entire life. My dream is to one day own a sailboat and travel the world, go wherever the wind takes me, and document my adventures. I have no experience with sailing itself but I love boating and being on the water. I worked 5 year's in diving boat.Don't allow that to discourage you from taking me as a deckhand (or whatever use you'll have of me) as anything I don't know how to do, ill learn as quickly as possible. I'm eager to learn, all I'm missing is a teacher. I have an adventurous spirit and love experiencing new things. I'm also extremely driven; you wont find a harder worker. I'll do whatever it takes to make my dream of sailing become a reality. I'm always told to follow my passion and this is me doing so.


Find Sailing Boat to New Zealand

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 34
Nationality: Portugues
Location: Portugal
Last logged in: 21 hours ago

Rebell: good afternoon

I am from Azores, Portugal, And I m try find a boat to go to new Zealand or Australia ..



What's to know about me:

Position (1st): Diver
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 20
Nationality: Spanish
Location: Spain
Last logged in: 1 days ago

RoyRoyer: Hello, my name's Rodrigo and I'm from Madrid, Spain. My age is 19 and since I was a kid I've been very interested in boats and next year I'll very likely start to study Naval Architecture. Despite I've nearly no experience in a boat, I'd love to work as a crew member in one. I have absolutely no idea on cooking or making laundry so I think I'd be more suitable as a deck/crew member.
I've also got Scuba Diving Qualifications: DiveMaster, Nitrox and Rescue diver with can come quite handy for maintenance purposes and teaching some basic Padi courses.



Position (1st): Teacher
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 32
Nationality: greek
Location: Greece
Last logged in: 1 days ago

panos11: best


About Brandon Holderbaum

Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 23
Nationality: American
Location: United States
Last logged in: 1 days ago

brandonhold: My name is Brandon Hodlerbaum. I am from Louisville Kentucky USA. I am a ocean boy born in the mainland, I have some diving experience at local lakes and 1 or 2 boat salvaging exp. I am not dive certified but am a very good diver that knows the risks and follows the rues. I am in my last two semesters at college studding aviation maintenance of technologies and working to get my A+P licences. My goal is to graduate in may of 2017 and sail the world working for a amazing captain of a beautiful boat. This is what i want to do before starting my "career" in the field of aviation. I am a part time supervisor at the biggest UPS hub in the world on an outbound load.

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