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Position (1st): Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 42
Nationality: ROMANIAN
Location: Romania
Last logged in: 31 minutes ago

florance2017: I have various experience,more than 10 years, on Luxury Cruise Lines and Private Yachts as well on DSV in the Offshore field as a Stewardess in the North Sea.


Outgoing and attentive Nanny/Teacher willing to travel!

Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Teacher
Age: 29
Nationality: Caucasian
Location: United States
Last logged in: 1 hours ago

Ambernc5687: I am an outgoing, energetic and attentive individual seeking an opportunity to continue my unique experiences in childcare/education and travel. I am 29 years old, hardworking and professional. I have a BA in Psychology from Virginia Tech and just recently obtained my Masters in Education! I have worked in restaurants, as a nanny/Au pair on land and on boats and also as a secretary of a middle school. I am wonderful with children and love to travel! Looking to join a kind, fun-loving family in need of a little extra TLC! :)


Ready to travel by sea

Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Hostess/Steward
Age: 26
Nationality: Caucasion
Location: United States
Last logged in: 2 hours ago

katieplace1214: Hi! I am a 26 year old from a small southern town. I have been a flight attendant for 2 years and traveled many miles by plane, now I am ready to take on adventures on the sea!


Looking for a sailing adventure in the Caribbean

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 34
Nationality: Danish
Location: Puerto Rico
Last logged in: 4 hours ago

Ida: I am 34 and have taken some months of from work to come to the Caribben to learn how to sail and live on a boat and working as a team.

I enjoy tranquility, hearing the sounds of the sea, nature and just being.


New Life

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 41
Nationality: Türkiye
Location: Turkey
Last logged in: 5 hours ago

Rose2017: I quit my career and start a new natural life. Those financial and govermental system destroy my soul. And now I m looking for a new life style over the sea. New beginning, new friends, new cultures, new lands, new seas.
I will be in Cape Town at the end of April 2017. Then travelling around in Africa and I d like to sail to trophic islands. Madagascar, Sheysells, Zanzibar etc.
Have a nice sailing, cheers...


Mr Stephen Roberts

Position (1st): Recreational Crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 24
Nationality: Irish
Location: Ireland
Last logged in: 6 hours ago

Stee23ro: I'm 24 years old. I studied mechanical engineering in college but am looking to do further study to become a maths and physics teacher. I have many years dinghy sailing experience and have vhf and powerboat certs. I also have a basic first aid certificate. Currently I'm working full time as a sports coach in a secondary school in Ireland.


My dream

Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Amateur crew
Age: 18
Nationality: English
Location: England
Last logged in: 6 hours ago

Chrissie0081: My dream is to travel as a crew member or a nanny on a yacht during my gap year! This gap year would be 2017-2018 and I am planning early! I love working with kids and enjoy babysitting. I realised that I really connected with kids when I was lucky enough to volunteer in a school in Uganda. Furthermore, I love animals especially dogs as I have one of my own! I have a GCSE A* in French and speak Spanish slightly. I am also willing to learn a language in order to have this experience. I would love have a paid opportunity as I am saving to go to university but my main priority is to gain this experience. I also have considerable experience with people with special needs as my cousin has severe down syndrome and autism and I often spend holidays and weekends with her in an attempt to give her parents a rest which I enjoy thoroughly. I have my grade 8 in flute piano and singing and am hoping to do diplomas in them soon. I am also employed as a part time flute and piano teacher with students ranging from age 5 to 60! I also am about to take grade 8 in singing and have self taught guitar, cajon and ukulele which I play for parties and in restaurants and cafes occasionally, so will be more than happy if I am needed for entertainment! I am up for anything and just looking forward to the opportunity. My family and I rent a bareboat yacht each summer as we are keen sailers and sail round countries such as Greece and Croatia, so I would also love to help out as crew. I currently have no time to achieve any more sailing qualifications but do have first aid qualifications, all RYA dingy sailing levels and my powerboat level 2 licence. I regularly drive a 6.5 metre Bayliner and am well practiced in recreational practices such as ringoing! I also sail my laser at any opportunity I have! I am also up for helping out in the kitchen as I can cook (though I do not pretend to be professional!) and would love to help with serving and cleaning.

Nova Scotia Kerry


Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 47
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Canada
Last logged in: 15 hours ago

Nova Scotia Kerry: Last year I had the opportunity to join the small crew of a 98' private yacht as the cook.
It was my first time sailing and now I have the bug.
We left from Nova Scotia Canada mid Nov and sailed to Bermuda and after having a few days to get fuel and water we headed to Freeport Bahamas where my crew departed for the holidays while I stayed aboard with the first mate to care for the ship.
Although I have no professional experience as a chef, I do know my way around the galley and everyone enjoyed my meals. They consisted of both planned and unplanned.
I have no children myself but I grew up in a small town surrounded by a ton of family where I was the "best babysitter ever!" because I love children of all ages and they relate to me because I am short :)
I've spend most of my adult life living in Toronto Canada where I worked as an independent contractor in the film business as an accountant so I am professional and bondable. There was a time I took time from behind the desk to train as a vet assistant while working for a large animal hospital also in Toronto.
To add to my résumé, I owned and operated a cleaning company in western Canada where I not only cleaned private homes and businesses I also house/pet sat for many clients to which I've maintained friendships and references.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little bio and if you have further questions do not hesitate to contact me.



Laura Valente

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 30
Nationality: USA
Location: United States
Last logged in: 17 hours ago

Levalente: STCW certified with a few months under my belt as crew on a day charter power boat from USVI to BVI.



Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 21
Nationality: italian
Location: Switzerland
Last logged in: 20 hours ago

melecina: I am on my personal mission to explore the world by land and sea. While I already know the basics for land exploration, I still have a lot to learn on the sea exploration- side. So I am eager to learn how to work and live on a sailing boat. I would like to make the Atlantic crossing in 2017 but before that I would enjoy some sailing around the Med or Europe in general during the summer.

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