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mr and ms

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 21
Nationality: german
Location: New Zealand
Last logged in: 2 hours ago

pitandanna: if you may need help on a boat in new zealand, vanuatu or anywhere, I a am an half experienced sailor as i did my little sailing certification and my girlfriend is half experienced as we hitchhiked a boat in thailand/malaysia before! we would love to join you in nz australia or oceania if thats possible! and another friend would join you in thailand/vietnam if that works! love n light! pit and anna


Colombia to central america

Position (1st): Diver
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 27
Nationality: Switzerland
Location: Colombia
Last logged in: 3 hours ago

Fibi89: Hi there, i am in colombia and would like to sail north. I have no experiences on to boat but i learn fast and don't hesitate to help where ever help is needed. I am a divemaster and i love to be in the water or close to.
Please contact me if you are sailing this route and need company and help.



Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Medical Staff
Age: 23
Nationality: New Zealander
Location: New Zealand
Last logged in: 3 hours ago

Oceannurse: Hi there,

I am a paediatric nurse who loves the outdoors and seeing the world!


Earth Wanderer

Position (1st): Chef
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 26
Nationality: USA
Location: Panama
Last logged in: 5 hours ago

olive22: Hello!!

After leaving everything behind 3 years ago to travel the world, I'm now ready to travel by sea! This has always been my dream! Although I have only spent recreational time on the water, I am eager to begin my new life on a sailboat!

As a nanny, registered nurse, English teacher, gardener, and traveler- there's not much I haven't done! But more importantly, I love to share space with other travelers and connect in meaningful ways! I love working together in sometimes difficult situations to create harmony!

I'm not much of an advertiser- so let's talk!! I'm currently in Bocas Del Toro, Panama!

Can't wait to set sail!!


Adventures, Outgoing, Hardworking lady with a Travel Bug!!!

Position (1st): Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 34
Nationality: British
Location: France
Last logged in: 7 hours ago

Emmajane83: I am a outgoing adventures person that loves hard work and learning new skills. I love traveling and would love to have a role that will combine the two together.
My passion has always been in hospitality and tourism and the excellent opportunities that it has opened up for me over the years. I have a vast array of skills that I have accumulated during my working career as well as the years spent working in management, administration and finance roles. I have just spent the last two years running a company called Strato Bars Ltd in New Zealand under the direction of the managing director. My role including the office administration manager in charge of wages, account, hiring staff, ordering and target predictions. I was also the property managed for the luxury accommodation as a side project of the company, managing the in house managers and dealing with renovations, promote targets, marketing, training and so on.
I have excellent customer service, communication skill, computer literate, a fantastic team player however very happy to work on solo projects. I am a very organized, proactive and fast learner.


Hello , looking for embarcation

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 54
Nationality: belgium
Location: France
Last logged in: 7 hours ago

Carine: ILike the live on the boat and on the sea


Experienced crew on tall ship The Gulden Leeuw

Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Short Term Work
Age: 19
Nationality: USA, UK
Location: United States
Last logged in: 11 hours ago

Grace97: I have three months experience as a crew member on a 70 meter tall ship. I am also a certified lifeguard with CPR/First Aid/AED. I enjoy working as a member of a team and have worked with children the past two summers. I was born in London and grew up in England, moving to the Boston area at the age of 12. I am currently working toward my B.A. in Environmental and Sustainability Studies at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada.



Position (1st): Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Nanny
Age: 42
Nationality: ROMANIAN
Location: Romania
Last logged in: 12 hours ago

florance2017: I have various experience,more than 10 years, on Luxury Cruise Lines and Private Yachts as well on DSV in the Offshore field as a Stewardess in the North Sea.


Coco Farrell

Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Hostess/Steward
Age: 18
Nationality: Australian
Location: Australia
Last logged in: 14 hours ago

Cocolily: I love working with children of all ages and have had a lot of experience working with them. I have a brother who is 11 years younger than me and I have always been around children. I coach junior sporting teams and love working and developing kids interests. I grew up with parents who love the ocean so I have always been in the water or on boats. I love travelling and want to see more of the world. I would love to combine these two things and work with children while seeing the world.


My dream

Position (1st): Nanny
Position (2nd): Amateur crew
Age: 18
Nationality: English
Location: England
Last logged in: 16 hours ago

Chrissie0081: My dream is to travel as a crew member or a nanny on a yacht during my gap year! This gap year would be 2017-2018 and I am planning early! I love working with kids and enjoy babysitting. I realised that I really connected with kids when I was lucky enough to volunteer in a school in Uganda. Furthermore, I love animals especially dogs as I have one of my own! I have a GCSE A* in French and speak Spanish slightly. I am also willing to learn a language in order to have this experience. I would love have a paid opportunity as I am saving to go to university but my main priority is to gain this experience. I also have considerable experience with people with special needs as my cousin has severe down syndrome and autism and I often spend holidays and weekends with her in an attempt to give her parents a rest which I enjoy thoroughly. I have my grade 8 in flute piano and singing and am hoping to do diplomas in them soon. I am also employed as a part time flute and piano teacher with students ranging from age 5 to 60! I also am about to take grade 8 in singing and have self taught guitar, cajon and ukulele which I play for parties and in restaurants and cafes occasionally, so will be more than happy if I am needed for entertainment! I am up for anything and just looking forward to the opportunity. My family and I rent a bareboat yacht each summer as we are keen sailers and sail round countries such as Greece and Croatia, so I would also love to help out as crew. I currently have no time to achieve any more sailing qualifications but do have first aid qualifications, all RYA dingy sailing levels and my powerboat level 2 licence. I regularly drive a 6.5 metre Bayliner and am well practiced in recreational practices such as ringoing! I also sail my laser at any opportunity I have! I am also up for helping out in the kitchen as I can cook (though I do not pretend to be professional!) and would love to help with serving and cleaning.

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