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    • 36m Custom Built
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Watch: Welcome to Ocean Nomads

Sail the Atlantic and/or Caribbean with impact and community | 36m. +100 year classic schooner | Winter 2022 /2023

Jump on board and accelerate your sailing ambitions and lifestyle. With adventure Sailing, Ocean Exploration, Natural Lifestyle, Nomad Community & Ocean Conservation in the mix!

With Expedition ON Atlantic, we are sailing around the Atlantic on a classic 36 meter schooner originally built in 1902. In 13 legs (you can join just one or all!) we travel +10.000 nautical miles, powered by wind and the energy of like minded purpose driven ocean adventurers on board. A hands-on ocean expedition discovering ways to live and travel more simple, wild, and pure.

Experience the ocean nomads lifestyle, get natured, travel remote, explore the unknown, together with an international group of conscious ocean adventurers. Driven by passion and purpose for the love of the ocean.


Slow travel by sail, powered by wind, ruled by nature. Offshore and remote. On a 100+ year old hands on classic ship. No electrical winches here. With a bunch of ‘strangers,’ Expect the unexpected!

Expand your network with insight and inspiration. We walk the extra mile to unite your soul tribe members on board. Connection and conversation at sea goes deeper in one day than months on land.

Skill Building
Learn and expand your seamanship, sailing, navigation, resilience, conscious living, adaptation & social skills. Exchange skills and stories with fellow crew members

Gather tips and tools, to accelerate your journey to alternative adventurous conscious life on or near the sea. Lifestyle designing by and for ocean nomads.

We strive for minimum negative and maximum positive impact with our preparation & execution. The difference is in the details.

Unite Likeminded Adventure People

Throughout our expeditions we bring together a unique mix of inspirational individuals talents and knowledge of the group. We release the power from the individual talents and knowledge into the group, for maximum learning experience.

We select participants based on motivation, drive, and mindset. For legs of longer than 10 days we additionally interview on the phone to make sure expectations are aligned.

Make Ocean Adventure Accessible

No sailing experience is required. We happily teach. We believe that if more people get a chance to experience the ocean and all the magic that comes with it, the ocean wins more hearts. We like for you to see for yourself how beautiful the ocean are. And hopefully ignites a superpower within you to take steps into a conscious nomadic life in or near the sea. Voyages range between 7 days and one month. From offshore sailing to crossing oceans to exploring remote paradise islands. We provide a platform for nature connection, community, research, creation, while going remote. No budget? We have a scholarship option too.

Prioritize Safety

The ocean deserves our greatest respect. Sailing remotely is an endeavour not to be taken lightly. Teaming up with Twister allows us to combine professionalism, safety, and adventure, impact and community facilitation. After three offshore collaborations, the only thing we broke were 2 plates. Many certificates are obtained and complied with to pass the safety checks and requirements to take people out offshore. This comes with a cost but the rewards are priceless. Offshore we keep contact and update relatives about the trip.

Route & Dates
Amsterdam – Madeira | Oktober 15 – November 6 | 21 days (Full)

Madeira – Tenerife | November 7 – November 15 | 8 days (Full)

Atlantic Crossing | Tenerife – Cape Verde – Martinique | November 19 – December 20 | 28 days (Full)

Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada | December 21 – December 28 | 7 days

Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Martinique | December 28 – January 4 | 7 days

Martinique – St. St. Lucia, Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada, Martinique | January 7 – 19 | 13 days | Kitesurf & Sailing

Martinique – St. St. Lucia, Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada, Martinique | January 21 – February 2 | 13 days Kitesurf & Sailing

Martinique – Dominica – Guadeloupe | February 4 -11 | 7 days

Guadeloupe | February 11-16 | 7 days

Guadeloupe – Antigua & Barbuda – St. Maarten | 18 February – March 4 | 13 days

St. Maarten | March 4 – 13 | 9 days

Atlantic Crossing | St. Maarten – Azores | March 16 – April 5 | 19 days

Atlantic Crossing | Azores – Netherlands | April 6 – 24 | 17 days

If you ever dreamed about sailing an ocean, visiting remote tropical islands or just an experience like nothing else, this could be it!

Gain fresh perspectives on life, perhaps a different lifestyle choice or course, and last but not least, lots of memorable moments added to your life profit.

This is not just an expedition you join for a few weeks and that’s it. This is an experience that will change the way you approach life, nature and the ocean. We believe our ON expeditions are just the beginning for plotting the next course in your life. By jumping on board this voyage, you will also join our expanding global network of impact-driven travellers, ocean entrepreneurs, sailors, (free)divers, surfers, and active salty souls passionate about the ocean and eager to do good. Our community exists out of total newbies and seasoned liveaboards, supporting each other in our ambitions. We continue the conversation, action, personalized advisory and connection building, team-ups and meet-ups beyond our events and expeditions to maximize the impact, fun, and ripple effects for ocean adventure and action. We got your back on this expedition and the journey after.

Who's joining?
It’s the people who make the adventure. This is the main message Suzanne learned after having sailed 30.000 miles on +50 different boats. We carefully curate a diverse, multi-skilled crew who share a similar mindset, to create a powerful team mix. It makes the difference.

We live beyond the status quo or desire to do so. We care for the planet. Minimize, simplify and cut down on our environmental footprint where we can. We lift each other up and support each other when in need.

Are you?

Adventurer & explorer

Alternative lifestyle seeker

Striving to do good

Excited to share skills and stories

Eager to learn, share and care

Hands-on mindset


Then we're looking forward to hear from you!
Important! We receive a tremendous amount of interest. Time is precious. Please explore our website to learn about the costs and expectation for this voyage before reaching out. To make these voyages real contribution is required. If it doesn't fit your budget, keep an eye for other similar valued trips we facilitate.

What does previous crew has to say?
"” This was one of the most epic experiences of my life so far, and I can tell it is just the beginning. The ocean has taught me so many lessons…to embrace all experiences (even seasickness), not worry so much, and just be in the moment. Two weeks without connection to the outside world was absolutely glorious. I feel reset. After a very fragmented life the past few years, being around a crew of 17 people every day was amazing…to interact naturally with each other, feel a part of a family of diverse ages, nationalities and backgrounds…I learned so much from these amazing humans. My heart feels so full.” – Sael

“The most unforgettable week. The trip preparation and the crew members turned what would otherwise be an adventure into something a bit more special. To say it was life changing sounds dramatic but it really was. Being able to share time and experiences with people with different backgrounds but of a similar mindset was incredible. I like to think that I can have and help contribute to a similar experience for myself and others as a member of the crew.” – Ben (Lanzarote & Croatia 2019)

"Still smiling at the memories! Met – and still talking to – some lovely people. Refreshed my nautical skills (helming, navigation, astro identification, etc.) Shared some great experiences through conversation, music, stories, yoga, cooking together, seeing ocean wildlife, and so much more!" – Richard (Expedition ON 2021)

Save lots of time and energy on researching boats, safety, captains & crew

We have sailed, worked, hitchhiked with +100 vessels by now. Teaming up with SV Twister is next level authenticity, safety, comfort (think toilet buttons, your own comfortable bed, filtered water, not to mention space on board) and professionalism. We’ve done our first succesfull collaboration with SV Twister last year (see the testimonials). This is sailing in style, hands-on, as safe as we can control. There are very few ocean worthy vessel like her out there taking people offshore (legally), and for this price.

More people, more fun, learning, and impact!

You can sail with 2,3, or 5 people. This is fun. We’ve done it. We’ve organized it. But going on an adventure with around 15 salt souls all as stoked about ocean sailing as you are is next level community living and socializing. Conversations and connections at sea go deeper in one day then in weeks on land. You’ll always find a few souls you get along with well.


SV Twister is 36 meter long. There is lots of space to move, stretch, work out, chill, relax. Below Deck, as well as on deck. There’s a steering hut for cold nights, a lounge room but playing games, reading, and chatting. And big table and space for communal dinner, music nights and other workshops we as a crew team facilitate spontaneous as we we navigate the seas.

Especially for the longer voyages where dropping anchor is not a daily routine, this is priceless. We only have so much patience to sit back and relax, which is kind of mandatory in small vessels, where space is limited.

"During my interview call with Suzanne for ExpeditionON with Twister last summer, I immediately knew I wanted to join the Ocean Nomads network and sailing adventure. Her energy and values were exactly what I was looking for and I could NOT wait to get onboard and meet everyone. As soon as I hung up the phone I thought to myself "This trip is going to change my life".... and it sure did. So I packed up my life into a duffle bag a few months later, boarded Twister in Madeira and set sail towards The Canary Islands.

Long story short, after I hopped on Twister and sailed off into the sunset, I was surrounded by amazing people and had the complete feeling of freedom I had hoped for. With little convincing from fellow ON members during one of the monthly meetups, I also decided to take their advice and spend the winter in the canaries. This included...renting a caravan with fellow Nomad Cay, sailing on Bluepearl with Captain Wolfgang , Thomas, Robert, Kyra, and meeting Jacky, Eoin, Luca, Sael and of course Suzanne.

My lifelong dream has been to spend time outside of the US, explore different places, meet , new people and just live somewhere different than what I grew up with. If you told me this time last year that I would have spent the better part the last 365 days sailing around The Canary Islands,surfing in Ireland, sleeping in a van ALONE in England and writing this newsletter on an island in the Adriatic Sea, I would have rolled my eyes at you. But after joining Ocean Nomads a little over a year ago my life has done a complete 180° ( in the best way possible) and I have the network and so many of you to thank for that!" - Brianna

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  • Crew positionNovice Crew

  • Availability 19 Nov 2022 for the foreseeable future

  • Expenses to/from vesselPaid by crew

  • Expenses onboardContribution on a shared basis

  • Team / SoloNot important

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  • TypeSailing Yacht

  • Make/modelCustom Built

  • Length36 metres

  • Berth14

  • Sailing from General (Europe)

  • Sailing to General (Caribbean)

  • Language spoke aboardEnglish

  • Boat descriptionFor the upcoming expedition we collaborate again with a one-of-a-kind classic. Sail the ocean on her, with all safety measures in place and engine use to a minimum (no scheduled end-date). Sailing is what we’re going to do! When there’s no wind, we’ll jump into the 3000 deep blue. Happy, safe, and meaningful. 2 plates is all we broke on the last 2000 miles trip. She's one of the few classic vessels safely, legally taking souls out on the ocean without being on a tight schedule so we can actually sail and not engine. She’s beautiful. She’s solid. She’s big. She’s spacious. She’s super comfortable. She’s got soul. She lasts. Sailing ship Twister is a schooner built in 1902, with an impressive story to tell. Originally a fishing boat built out of wood, fifty-five years later, her wooden hull was replaced for a steel one so she could continue to fish. After 17 years in various ports, Twister was again rebuilt into the modern schooner that she now is. After the baptism in May 1999, under the name Twister, her speed since then proves the ship to be one of the fastest sailing ships of the Northern Europe sailing area. Renovated again in 2012, she was updated with all new safety features/equipment and all the modern comforts you could possibly want from a charter vessel. She sails under the highly regarded Dutch flag and complies with all related safety certificates. Her current owners are driven to sail her far, and with purpose. The aim is to facilitate memorable expeditions that people will treasure for life, and contribute towards a better planet. She has all the safetygear and professional crew will also join to comply with Dutch regulations. She's approved with all latest ocean necessities under Dutch law. She has sailed numerous ocean passages. What you'd need to bring is a good weather proof wear. The ship does have an awesome steering hut where we can shelter if it's cold or wet :) Learn about all trip and vessel details on our website www.oceannomads.co

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  • NationalityDutch

  • Age36

  • GenderFemale

  • Fluent languages Dutch

  • Qualifications 1st Aid
    MCA Master 200 GT (Yacht) Certificate
    STCW 95 Compliant
    VHF Radio Telephony

  • Sea Miles 10,000+

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