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  • Solitaire

    • 10m Parker 325 Lift Keel
    • Italy
    • Checked in 1 week ago

Seeking crew for a passage into the Aegean Sea from mid Julyl 2019 to end September / early October 2019.

Dear Shipmates, thanks for reading this & for your interest.

I am seeking FEMALE crew.
I am seeking ideally one or two female crew member to share the journey’s adventure & basic travel costs. This is primarily a shared sailing odyssey & travel experience. It’s for sailing companionship, I’m not necessarily seeking romance. Just as happy to be good friends for the duration.

UPDATE: I currently have two crewmember from end of April to mid July. I am still seeking crew from mid July to mid to end September.

Given I potentially have crew from April to mid-July, I am searching for crew for a duration from mid-July to mid-end September 2019, weather, joining & departure points allowing.

My trip so far 2017 / 2018?
In 2017, I departed UK & entered the Med via Gibraltar & crossed to Southern Italy. 3600nm. In March’18, I departed for Greece & Crete & visited Albania, Montenegro, Croatia & Slovenia before returning back to the toe of Italy in September. 2600nm. During both summer seasons & so far, I sailed roughly half the passages single handed & the other half with family, friends or male crew sourced from the internet.

What’s next for 2019?
This year I plan a journey for 6 months from April to September/October. I'm planning to return to Greece & the Corinth Canal (or sail round the Peloponnese, as sometimes the canal is closed) & then circumnavigate the Aegean Sea, hopefully reaching the Dardanelles & Istanbul, before turning south towards Rhodes & returning back to southern Italy again. An estimated voyage of about 2200nm.

Weather & the nature of our sailing?
Med weather can be challenging. Often 10 days of no wind, followed by stronger periods of Meltemi winds. To make distance, we'll sometimes motor, even when sailing might be our preference. Other times, we will have to take shelter & wait, possibly amending our future passage plan. Weather will drive all our decisions. But, if we like a place, we'll stay longer.

About my Boat?
I own a 10.2m British built lift keel mono-hull sailing yacht. Bermudan rigged. She's in good condition & well equipped for sailing & safety. Deceptively large for her length. She has a central saloon with two cabins forward & aft. She’s a good sea boat, fun, forgiving & rewarding to sail. She's British registered & insured.

About me, your skipper?
I'm British, heterosexual male, 59 years old. A qualified RYA Yachtmaster Offshore with lots of experience & miles. It’s been my dream to sail & explore the Mediterranean Sea, & I’m looking forward to my 3rd season on a planned 4-year voyage. I am on sabbatical holiday & worked in the Aerospace Industry. I’m divorced with 2 grown children. I am not in a relationship, or honesty not actively seeking a new one. I am an open person, easy going, considerate, polite, have a good sense of humour & a zest for life. I enjoy the company of others. Lastly, I like to run my boat where all decisions are taken as part of a team, unless urgent, & with prior discussion. I do not expect or ask anyone to do anything that I cannot do myself.

Why am I seeking two (or possibly one) female crew & whom am I looking for?
Had male crew from Crewbay join me in the past & it has been fun. But for 2019 season I would genuinely like to have a change & have female crew join me. This is my primary reason. Regardless of gender, key to our success will be how we all get along. Our journey won’t always be plain sailing & good communications avoid misunderstandings. Crew needs to be easy going, reliable, personable & considerate too. They must be a team players & able to put the comfort of others & safety of the boat first. They must also be fit, healthy & well with no major medical issues. They must not overly suffer from sea sickness. They should also have a love of the sea, be fun loving & free spirited. Essential is a good grounding in verbal English. (I only speak English!).

Learning to sail?
Formal crew sailing qualifications aren’t at all necessary. The female crew I am seeking must willing & keen to learn sailing & boat handling. I’m happy to teach this, but I am not a sailing instructor & this is not a formal sail training passage. After training they must be able to undertake a watch safely.

What’s expected?
A smaller yacht is the reason why I am seeking only two (or possibly one) female amateur/recreational crew. We do have quite a lot of gear onboard, so you’ll have to adapt to the space that’s available. We’ll equally share all the boat's domestic, cleaning, shopping & cooking duties. I have simple food tastes, but I am not vegetarian/vegan. Similar food tastes are desirable. Finally, they must have a good grasp of our shared vision, responsibilities & duties. Also, an ability to stick with the program, even when the going gets tougher. I know I’m asking for a lot. If you think you're the right crew for this & like what I've said, please get in touch.

Shared Contribution Costs?
Money for me is tight as I'm living off my savings. Crew will cover their own travel expenses to & from the boat. Don't expect a lavish lifestyle. Crew is not required to contribute to general boat maintenance & upkeep, I'll cover this. But, all consumable travel costs (i.e. taxes, berthing, diesel fuel, cooking gas, victualing & food expenses) will be equally shared. How much or little spent is up to us. A “guestimate” from Greece in 2018, your shared contributions if split three ways are likely to be not more than €15 per day per person. €20 if it's just two ways. There will be more anchoring than pricey berthing.

What to bring?
I do insist that crew arrives reasonably equipped for a small sailing yacht on some long offshore passages. Purpose made sailing deck shoes to protect feet & the boat's decks are a must. Crew should also arrive with appropriate protective clothing for the elements (night & day, sun, wind & rain). A light sleeping bag, with an empty pillowcase (I supply cushions to go in). A soft sail bag or rucksack. Please no wheelie suitcases!

Regarding alcohol & smoking?
I am a moderate alcohol drinker. I don't ever allow anyone to smoke inside the boat & I’m aware that smoking causes discomfort to strict non-smokers. If I do smoke (rarely), I will never partake near you & it will be outside. However, these days, I mostly vape (100% odourless).

Nudity is a personal choice & is not a requirement for this boat. But, we've no room for overly Victorian attitudes & mindsets. Expect an environment of trust & respect. There might be some very discrete skinny dipping & deck showering too. The crew I am seeking needs to be mature & chilled about this. We are crew of a yacht & hopefully, like me, you'll see it as completely irrelevant.

Final Polite Request!
I will respond back to you. Please respond back to me, even if it’s a No!

Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy sailing, Solitaire

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  • Crew positionNovice Crew

  • Availability 15 Jul 2019 until 30 Sep 2019

  • Expenses to/from vesselPaid by crew

  • Expenses onboardContribution on a shared basis

  • Team / SoloNot important

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  • TypeSailing Yacht

  • ClassificationKetch

  • Make/modelParker 325 Lift Keel

  • Length10 metres

  • Berth4

  • Sailing from Italy , Southern Italy

  • Sailing to Italy , Southern Italy

  • Language spoke aboardEnglish

  • Boat descriptionThe yacht is modern (1998) British built fast-cruiser, Bermudan fractional rigged and is 10m in length. The boat has recently had a substantive internal refit and new jib & mainsail (2016/17). She is in very good shape, sails well and is well maintained. She carries all appropriate electronic and manual safety gear, life-raft and I can supply a life jacket. She is also up to date with electronics and navigation instruments. The boat is also fully insured.

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  • NationalityBritish

  • Age60

  • GenderMale

  • Fluent languages English

  • Qualifications RYA 1st Aid
    RYA Sea Survival
    RYA Yachtmaster
    Short Range VHF / GMDSS

  • Sea Miles 10,000+

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