I have a dream of a sailing adventure/lifestyle. Semi-retired, from California. Looking for a sailing adventure my experience is limited, however I am a fast learner and take good direction. I'm fairly fit, enthusiastic, spontaneous, very organized and capable. I'm a free spirit, with no ties and ready... Lived on a sailboat in Sausalito, CA for 6 months, it was moored, belonged to a friend- we sailed on it a few times on SF Bay. I've cruised a bit on other sailboats/cats, worked on a cruise ship. I had a dream to buy a boat and travel 15 years ago, bought a house instead... sold the house and moved to Baja, Mexico for 4 years. Ready for new adventure...

About Me

Seeking position/s as Friendship
Amateur Crew

Availability Available now

Expected arrangement Recreational

Nationality US

Age 62

Gender Female

Fluent languages English

Basic knowledge of Spanish

Smoker No

Visible Tattoos No

VISAs None

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