Only a Million Miles to Go!!

Real sailing experience: I've cooked a 5 star swordfish meal in a serious bashy-bashy close-haul without any mishap for 4 people on. A 39-foot Bavaria; I've skippered a 52-footer with inexperienced passengers in a thunderstorm in the reefiest part of the Grenadines with no instruments because they mysteriously and not-so-conveniently went out, and anchored like a boss in a prime spot in front of the bar at Petit St. Vincent, all the while keeping a straight face until I went into my cabin and screamed into my pillow; I can almost call myself an expert at undoing foresail "bow ties"; I can say for a fact that bowline knots can indeed undo themselves; jellyfish have a curious way of keeping you sane as you sit in a heave-to in 15 meter seas for half a day on a 36 foot sailboat waiting for a storm to pass in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean; I've frozen my ass off sailing around Denmark and Sweden; I've been stalked by giant manta rays in the Sea of Cortez; I've sailed all the way around Corsica; and in Croatia, I moored a 40 foot boat with 25 knots at my beam into the last slip available, single-handedly-- literally as I had just broken my arm just prior at the fuel dock, you can ask me about it over a beer-- and without thrusters or miraculously not bashing into anyone; and if you must pass gas while on watch in a storm and you're in wet weather gear, make sure no one else is around because the smell will linger for an uncomfortably long time, even in force 7 winds. Truth. I've seen and experienced a lot while sailing, but the best part of all of it is enjoying a sundowner with absolute strangers and sharing these experiences. I've played the part of skipper, first mate, crew, and galley slave throughout my journeys across the seas. Outside of this, I enjoy many sports like swimming, biking, and hiking. I was a pro-sport skydiver for several years and have done a few scuba dives. I got my B.S. in mechanical engineering and M.S. in aerospace engineering; and being in love with aero-hydrodynamics, it only seems fitting that I love sailing and am a bit of a nerd about it. Hit me up if you'd like to know more about me or you feel like I'd be a good fit for your adventure. I take my position seriously, but I'm good for a lot of laughs =) I look forward to sharing a mile or two or even a few thousand over the waters with you!

About Me

Seeking position/s as Competent Crew
Delivery Crew

Availability Available now

Expected arrangement Professional / Recreational

Nationality United States

Age 33

Gender Female

Fluent languages English

Basic knowledge of Dutch

Smoker No

Visible Tattoos No

VISAs Schengen (or EU citizen)

Skills Galley Assistant Cooking Microsoft office Photo editing Software development Video editing Fishing Route planning Helmsmen Navigation Weather planning Radio Operator Fore and aft trimming Teaching Photography General building Plumbing and Heating Carpentary Electrical Engineering Fiberglass Repair Polishing Cleaning Managerial Skills IT Literate

Qualifications Short Range VHF / GMDSS ASA Bareboat Chartering (Intermediate Coastal Cruising) ASA asic Coastal Cruising ASA Advanced Coastal Cruising Long Range Radio Certificate

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