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British Ocean Yachtmaster and professional skipper of sailing yachts, MCA master 200gt. Charter, delivery, assisted passage. ENG1, STCW's, US. B1/B2 visa, PADI ow. I often work together with my wife, (but not exclusively). Chrissy is a Day Skipper and we work as a 'team' - skipper / chef / hostess / mate / either on charter, delivery, or assisted passage. Ideally we are looking for longer term 'team' position/s ie. seasonal or full time, charter or assisted passage for owners. We will also undertake short term deliveries. We are professional, experienced and like to make sailing fun! Cv's, photo's & excellent references available. Please email me on :- ivesboat@gmail.com Email:- ivesboat@gmail.com

About Me

Seeking position/s as Captain
Delivery Crew
1st Mate

Availability Available now

Expected arrangement Professional

Nationality British

Age 62

Gender Male

Fluent languages English

Basic knowledge of French

Smoker No

Visible Tattoos No

VISAs B1 / B2 (or American citizen)

Qualifications STCW 95 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility MCA Master (Class 4) Yacht unlimited STCW95 RYA Oceanmaster STCW 95 Fire Fighting STCW 95 1st Aid STCW 95 Compliant MCA Master 200 GT (Yacht) Certificate STCW 95 Maritime Security Awareness


From: Metin Arghan

Relationship: Employer

Date: 10/09/2017

I am writing this email in order to let you know that Ivan has been a great help and support to me when bringing my sailboat Daphne from Port Leucate, France to Marmaris, Turkey in mid-May 2012. During the first half of the transfer (upto the Lipari Island, Italy), I have personally accompanied and sailed with him and another member of his crew and had the opportunity to observe that he is an experienced and skillful skipper with developed organizational skills who is able to keep calm under all circumstances. I should also mention that he also takes care to protect the boat so as to ensure it reaches the final destination as clean and intact as possible. I would certainly recommend him to other boat owners who need transfer services.


Relationship: Employer

Date: 09/09/2017

To Whom It May Concern: I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Mr Ivan Draper. I have hired Ivan from the 26th of September until 14th of November 2015. He has been hired as a captain. His main responsibilities were to sail myself and my newly commissioned S/Y beneteau oceanis 41 in responsible and safe manner from Frejus, France to Limassol, Cyprus. I have seen and experienced Ivan’s work for almost 2 months. He has first-rate skills and abilities for the job that was assigned to him. I have found Ivan through an online professional skipper agency. He worked responsible and at all times he made his decisions carefully and always at the best intentions and interests of me as the owner of the vessel, for the yacht itself and all other persons onboard. During the time on board with him, he revealed his passion and enthusiasm for sailing. He is a liveaboard himself and I have learned many useful skills and gained new knowledges which will be very helpful in my own sailing adventures. Ivan’s skills were always evident in his performance. He displaced a strong feeling for safety and wellbeing of the vessel and persons on board at all times. He organized all the daily matters on board during passages, on anchorages and marina’s in an excellent matter. I would certainly rehire Ivan again and whenever I would need advice regarding any matter on my sailing yacht I would certainly not hesitate to ask for his advice or opinion. I have hired Ivan together with his wife Chrissy Draper. Together they have been an outstanding team and took great care of my yacht and me. Both of them are fine cooks as well. I have felt myself completely safe at all times at all sea and wind conditions we have encountered. I therefore offer my recommendation of Ivan without reservation. And if you are looking for a skipper and a mate which has experience and captain skills as well, I certainly recommend to get them together as a team.

From: Carlos Alberto Espina

Relationship: Employer

Date: 08/09/2017

I am writing this letter to recommend Ivan Draper as an excellent skipper/captain. I was lucky to reach Ivan for a last minute bareboat charter trip around the Aegean on July 2017. Ivan, my family and I sailed from the port of Lavrion in mainland Greece to the Cycladic island of Milos and back, overnighting in some of the west Cyclades as we went by. From the moment, we stepped on the boat, Ivan was careful and diligent ensuring that the boat was in working order and that the basic safety features were in place for all the guests. Ivan also provided his expertise going through the charter paperwork and provided some of his experience navigating the area. At sea, Ivan was relaxed and outgoing, letting us – a family of sailors – take control of the boat and merrily enjoy (and endure) my (loud) family. All in all, Ivan was not only a skillful and experienced skipper, but also a great companion during the seven-day journey. From my experience, I recommend Ivan, without reservations, for anyone needing a capable skipper in boat charters.

From: Jennifer Nand

Relationship: Employer

Date: 08/09/2017

Reference : Ivan Draper and Christine Ann Draper Ivan and Christine worked for CLC Yacht Club as Captain and first mate as a man and wife team, on an Eleuthera 60 whilst the yachts were on charter in Orhaniye, Turkey during the summer season . As Captain, Ivan was responsible for all aspects of sailing and maintenance of the yacht and was also required to lend a hand with the catering for 10 guests . He displayed at all times a keen interest in maintaining his yacht in good condition. Christine was responsible for the galley and catering for the guests Her culinary skills were much admired and her attention to detail was noted . In addition she presented a caring personality which was greatly appreciated by our Yacht Club members . She was also required to give a helping hand to the Captain whilst sailing the boats . Between them they successfullyl created for the guests an atmosphere conducive to an exclusive , luxury yacht club holiday This could take the form of encouraging the guests to participate in available water sports or on –board entertainment. At all times Ivan and Christine were responsible and reliable and proved to be extremely popular with the guests .

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