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    • 44ft Little Harbour Cutter Rig
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2023 - 2024 SV Esprit Schedule Update | Atlantic Jim

Nov. 28, 2023 - North Carolina USA

Completed new satellite connection, preventative maintenance on engine / mechanical / electrical systems and we are well provisioned.

'New crew aboard now' ... leaving Beaufort NC today for Tortola BVI ... then 6 months of island hopping the Virgins and Bahamas Islands.

Cruise, swim, dive, hike, explore, socials, breathe and chill ... we're getting excited here! Good time to get in touch if you're interested in Esprit crew openings Dec. 15, 2023 - June 15, 2024.

October 20, 2023
- Wow, a fascinating 6 weeks in Atlantic Canada
- Photos in my gallery
- Watch for Esprit 2024 Sail Plan & crew opportunities Nov. 15, 2023 thru Feb. 28, 2024

July 2023 - Cape Cod MA to Halifax NS

Esprit left Cape Cod with crew Armin, Eden and Max in mid-July bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, 380 miles up the Atlantic coast. Motored most of the first day in light airs before the wind returned and we averaged 6 knots the rest of the way.

It’s always a thrill to sail into a new country or new port with a different culture and customs. Halifax is a vibrant city and the cultural capital of eastern Canada so the crew was excited to clear customs and ‘hit the town.’

2023 - Cape Breton Island NS

After a few days in Halifax, Esprit made a two day coastal sail with Armin and Mike along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore to Cape Breton Island. The Bras d’ Or Lakes (Arm of Gold) are protected by the mountains surrounding a large section of this island. Many smaller islands within this inland sea offer ideal anchorages for a swim and a meal. Usually Esprit was anchored alone and we eagerly swam in the warm mix of fresh and salt waters!

There were very few people living where we sailed and we saw many bald eagles above fishing the lakes. This is a UNESCO designated area holding the largest salt water inland lakes in the world. I know the island well … it’s a special place for anyone to visit.

2023 - Ramea NFLD

Patrick joined the crew before we left Cape Breton and Esprit delivered an efficient passage across the Cabot Strait to Ramea. It’s an outport village in the most eastern province of Canada - Newfoundland. This massive island with a colorful history was part of England until 1949 when it joined the Confederation of Canada. It stands hard and alone … weathering the tremendous power of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The small village of Ramea has struggled since the collapse of the cod fishery. However we found it a good place to chat with local people over a beer and purchase beautiful handmade wool sweaters. Fog prevailed during most of our stay … part of the Newfie experience me hearties!

2023 - Grey River NFLD

Now a fine morning … Esprit weighed anchor in Ramea and sailed north to the mainland part of Newfoundland’s south coast. Our anticipation grew as we approached Grey River. It’s an area of several hundred miles but there are few settlements left now. We were not disappointed … the remote mountains and inland Fiords are stunning!

Through a grey mist we entered a narrow cut leading into a maze of mountains and deep water channels stretching 10-15 miles inland. It felt like we were on another planet with a majestic and naked beauty not to be seen anywhere else. Our Grey River adventure was remote, powerful and once again it was rare to see another boat.

2023 – Francoise NFLD

After Grey River, Esprit slo-cruised the South Coast of NFLD. The scale of the mountains in this forgotten area held our attention … sort of a quiet state of awe before a spectacular expression of Mother Nature.

Then we decided to visit Francois, another small outport village with about 50 full time residents. Again we navigated a fiord-like cut below towering mountains and found space among several fishing boats at the government wharf. There is still some fishing here but like all outport villages that once thrived, Francoise has struggled ever since the 1993 cod fishery collapse.

But it’s amazing … a mountain towers over Francoise and there is a large (just missed) rock-slide nearby. We hiked up a steep mountain trail to see a beautiful large rainwater-fed lake supplying water to the village below. Intrigued, we continued our climb to the mountain top. Here, the terrain scale and views were surreal. There were many ‘so pristine’ lakes and we quickly decided to take a freshwater swim on a warm summer afternoon. Nobody wanted to leave - why leave Utopia? But we did come to our senses after a few hours and started the cautious climb down the mountain. Hiking boots highly recommended here.

We left Francoise with memories of shocking beauty and the French Island of St Pierre was up next on the sail plan. We had heard good things about that French territory and were looking forward to our visit.

2023 - Saint Pierre, Territory of France

The French islands of Saint Pierre, Miquelon and Langlade were only a 50 mile trip from Francois Newfoundland but they were an ocean away as far as culture and development. Once clearing Customs you entered a refined and sophisticated part of France with jet service to Paris. It was night and day from Newfoundland - simple bread to croissant! The few people in the Newfoundland villages were genuinely happy to see you and to talk to someone new. The St Pierrais were polite but have a ‘French Reserve’ about them. Many speak some English.

The French government has funded much of the island life style with beautiful museums, libraries, a sports center and a big push into Eco Tourism ventures. It is a diamond in the rough on the North Atlantic Ocean; streets and markets showing the French style and cuisine and buildings with quaint architecture and colors. The population is only about 6,000 but the polished restaurants and bars equal those of a large city.

Saint Pierre was originally settled by people from the Basque area of France. Today many island people also speak some Spanish and hold on to their Basque culture with their red hats, music and dance. It was nice to see this close knit community and listen their public singing in bars.

Esprit remained in Saint Pierre longer than expected waiting for a fair wind. She got it and held a single tack all the way back to Halifax Nova Scotia. With a 20 ton displacement, 10½ foot draft and the centerboard down, Esprit will point and hold course to windward very well.

2023 - Halifax
A couple of days in Halifax for provisioning and Esprit once again weighed anchor for a direct sail back down the coast to Cape Cod on Boston’s South Coast.

2023 - Cape Cod MA
Esprit is in a preventative maintenance phase and plans to sail for the Caribbean Sea on November 1.

Watch for Esprit 2024 Sail Plan / crew opportunities

Captain's Comments - June 20, 2023

Esprit is 'on the hard' in Boston now for bottom cleaning, anti-fouling application and general preventative maintenance.

On July 20 I will be departing for a cruise northward up the coast to Halifax Nova Scotia and a couple days in Nova Scotia's capital city; then on to Cape Breton Island and the fabulous Bras d'Or Lakes. Esprit visited the golden waters of the Bras d'Or in summer 2022 for a perfect 10 day slo-cruise filled with swimming, relaxing and watching eagles fly overhead ... exceptional cruising!

Additional destinations being considered this summer include the Magdalen Islands, Newfoundland, St. Pierre and Prince Edward Island ... all with their uniquely Maritime beauty and culture.

St. Pierre and its companion islands Miquelon - Langlade are located 12 miles off the coast of Newfoundland and form the last piece of French governed territory in North America. St. Pierre was somewhat famous one hundred years ago as a rum running ally of Al Capone during the prohibition era; it is quite a unique island with lovely French wines, bakeries and the authentic French provincial language.

Alert - Esprit Crew Openings!

^ July 20 - Boston to Halifax- CREWED UP

^ July 23 - 6 week Maritime summer cruising -CREWED UP

^ September 10 - Nova Scotia to Boston MA
British Virgin Islands into 2024

Captain's Comments - March 2023

Three months into 2023 and Esprit has been running smooth and easy; routine maintenance and no weather events on open water. We sheltered against Hurricane Fiona in Shelburne for 5 days before crossing the Bay of Fundy to Plymouth MA in October 2022.

SV Esprit continues to perform to sail plan very well, leaving Nova Scotia in October 2022 for Plymouth MA; then south to St. Augustine FL in November; then departing St. Augustine early February 2023 with a new delivery crew for a lovely, basically non-stop Gulf Stream passage to Georgetown with overnight stop in Freeport; then cruising the cays with a variety of interesting crew changes every 2 weeks.

Thank you to all new crew this year for quickly adopting the 'Esprit Chill Vibe.' We've had a happy boat, and the 'wind gods' have been with us allowing non-stop, high quality cruising!

Esprit begins her sail north May 1.

Cheers - Atlantic Jim

Crew Alert ... Crew Alert ... Crew Alert

Booked - Esprit has crew booked through April to close her Bahamas cruise schedule.

May 1 - 21, 2023
Crewed up and departed Georgetown Bahamas for a 3 week slow sail north, stopping in Nassau and St. Augustine Florida; then departing for Boston MA

CREWED UP ! - July 10- August 31,2023
Departing Boston MA sailing north to the Canadian Maritime Provinces for two months of summer cruising which will include the fabulous Bras d'Or lakes (see photos from 2022 Maritime summer cruise) ...

About Esprit

Captain's Note
Clear communication and trust before and during a sailing cruise are necessary for Captain and Crew to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. Please review Esprit's 2022 - 2023 sail plan below . If you think you see a chance to jump into the good life on SV Esprit - please contact me for a chat.

Captain’s Duty
Crew safety and general well-being, navigation, communication, insurance, business and financial affairs plus fuel, moorings, docking, boat maintenance and repair costs.

Sailing Style
Islands to explore, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, Esprit meals at anchor, local cuisine meals ashore, new friends, music, cocktail hour, quiet times at anchor and Esprit performing well in fair winds.

Crew Expectation
Crew will travel to Esprit at their expense, present a current passport, proof of health vaccinations,( if Govt. required), share onboard duties, cost of food and refreshment provisioning.

Crew Shared Duty
Standing watch, sail trimming, anchoring, docking; cooking, provisioning excursions. If your sailing experience is light, Esprit will be an opportunity to mile-build and learn more about boat handling with shared responsibility … jump in, learn, relax, have fun, go sailing!

Sailing Companions
It’s worth saying now that Esprit mission 2023 is to develop crew relationships with those who share a love for the ocean, have some sailing experience and offer a lightness of being. My expectation of crew is simply good company and shared onboard duty. Yet friendship and relationships can evolve … life is like that. Here’s to new friends, slo-cruising, island exploration, miles & smiles!

Atlantic Jim's Motivation
In between sailing trips I’ve had a relatively successful career. Now it’s sailing full time and reveling in the freedom of the cruising life.

Esprit Readiness
Esprit is a ‘Little Harbor 44’ cutter rig center cockpit, Ted Hood design; well maintained in beautiful condition. Weighing 20 tons, she is very stable with less roll in big seas. Her draft is 5’.7” and with centerboard down to 10’.7” she holds her position well and tracks nicely in strong wind conditions. Her 75 HP Yanmar diesel engine and Westerbeke diesel generator are fresh with low hours and all navigation electronics are updated. 2 private cabins with 2 heads and a main salon cabin sleep 5 comfortably. With updated electronics Esprit is 'ship shape and ready to cruise!'

2023 Sail Plan

January 2023
Plan - St. Augustine FL, boat maintenance
Crew - n/a

Plan - St Augustine to Freeport to Georgetown Bahamas
Crew - Jodie, Mark & John

Plan - Exumas and South Bahamas
Crew - Lisa, Jazmine & Herman, Jodie

Plan - Exumas and South Bahamas
Crew - Andy, Rachel ... and one more

> May
Plan - Nassau, St Augustine, Boston
Crewed up

> June
Plan - New England maintenance on the hard

> July
Plan - Canadian Maritimes
Crewed up

> August
Plan - Canadian Maritimes
Crewed up

> September
Plan - Nova Scotia to Boston MA ( New England)
Crew - open

> October
Plan - New England - Layover
Crew - n/a

> November/December
Plan - Boston to Bermuda to BVI
Crew – open

> December
Plan - BVI
Crew – open

2022 Sail Plan / completed

Plan - Boston USA, Halifax NS
Crew - Chris

Plan - Halifax NS, St Peters & Baddeck, Cape Breton Island
Crew - Colin

Plan - Baddeck NS to Magdalen Isles, Quebec
Crew - Tom

Bras d’ Or Lakes, Cape Breton Island
Plan - 5 day slo-cruise & swim
Crew - John & Helen

Bras d’Or Lakes, Cape Breton Island
Plan - Slo-cruise & swim
Guests - Candice & Mark, Colin & Ruth, Terry & Marilee, Tahlia

Plan - St. Peters, Cape Breton Island, Halifax NS
Crew - Single-hand

Plan – Halifax, Shelburne NS, Plymouth MA
Crew - Barry

Plan - Plymouth MA, Atlantic City NJ, Norfolk VA, Beaufort NC, Savannah GA, St. Augustine FL
Crew - Single-hand

Plan - Dock Esprit - St. Augustine FL
Crew - Single-hand
Boston MA - Family and business affairs

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  • Crew positionCompetent Crew

  • Availability 1 Nov 2023 until 28 Feb 2024

  • Expenses to/from vesselPaid by crew

  • Expenses onboardContribution on a shared basis

  • Team / SoloNot important

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  • TypeSailing Yacht

  • Make/modelLittle Harbour Cutter Rig

  • Length44 feet

  • Berth5

  • Sailing from United States , Cape Cod MA

  • Sailing to Bahamas, The , Freeport

  • Language spoke aboardEnglish

  • Boat descriptionEsprit Readiness Esprit is a ‘Little Harbor 44’ cutter rig, center cockpit Ted Hood design - well maintained in beautiful condition. Weighing 20 tons under sail, she is very stable with less roll in big seas. Her draft is 5’.7” and with centerboard down to 10’.7” she holds her position well and tracks nicely in strong wind conditions. She reaches her 8.5 knot hull speed in 15 knots of wind. Her 75 HP Yanmar diesel engine and Westerbeke diesel generator are fresh with low hours and all navigation electronics are updated. 2 private cabins with 2 heads and a main salon cabin sleep 5 comfortably. Safety gear: Radar, AIS, Epirb, jack lines, Life Raft & dingy With updated electronics Esprit is 'ship shape and ready to cruise!'

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  • NationalityUnited States

  • Age62

  • GenderMale

  • Fluent languages English

  • Basic knowledge of Spanish

  • Qualifications USS Offshore Passage Making

  • Sea Miles 10,000+

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Beaufort to Bermuda


In that late november 2023, after carefully monitoring the weather I was time for an offshore navigation / training voyage between Beaufort to Bermuda. On board Lady Esprit, a Little Habor 44 center-cockpit bluewater sailing boat. I am the 4th wheel, from a strong crew of Captian Jim. it was my first jump in the gulf stream, what an amazing experience i was impressed with how cabably is the boat with the centerboard down and well balanced The speed was frequently at 8 Knots Jim, Chris, John, thank you for welcoming me into your friendship. Salud! Nick

15th Dec 2023

Great Capt


Jim is a very kind and warm person with a lovely boat. He is a good communicator and it is a pleasure to sail with him. Jim is organized and good at logistical planning, keeping the safety of all on board at highest priority, while also being flexible/ easy going and conversational. I was just onboard with Jim for a three day passage (with two other crew members), but I hope to find the time to join him again for a longer journey! I’m very glad to have met Jim and had the opportunity to join him and the beautiful Esprit on their travels.

9th Oct 2023

Fun to sail with


I‘ve sailed with Jim from Cape Cod to Halifax and cruised with him Cape Breton, the South of Newfoundland and back to Halifax. During the almost six weeks I‘ve been integrated into his family and got to know him as an open-hearted, relaxed, generous guy who is spontaneous and fun to be around with. He is an experienced sailor with a lifetime of experience who handles his boat well in any condition. His passage planning is conservative on the safe side. His spacious boat is seakind, tracks well, handles well and always felt safe in adverse conditions. I‘d love to sail with him again sometime.

27th Sep 2023

Just do it


Esprit was a solid beauty of a boat, in impeccable condition. Jim is a safe and skilled captain who enjoys life to the fullest......fun to be around and a great person to share a voyage with.

5th Jun 2023

The most amazing experience


I ended up rebooking my departure date and extending my stay with Jim on his boat because it was just too perfect. I stayed with him and his friends for about two weeks sailing and enjoying the Bahamas. I learnt a lot about boats, sailing and the famous Georgetown sailing community. Jim's boat is a wooden beauty in great shape with plenty of space for everyone. Besides the amazing turquoise waters and the Bahamians themselves Jim was the true highlight of my trip. He is a generous, kind, caring and to the right degree crazy guy. He's well-traveled, smart, fun, young at heart and great to talk to plus makes his guests and crew feel comfortable at all times. You won't regret sharing boat life with Jim!

23rd Mar 2023

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