My dream is to cross the Atlantic by boat

Hey guys, I'm Eilika, 24 years old and I would love to fulfill my dream with you and cross the Atlantic by boat. I have little experience in sailing, but I have never been sick on the sea and am a quick learner. I would love to help you on the boat with whatever you need - cooking, cleaning, ... and would love to share this adventure with you! I am very open-minded, friendly and uncomplicated. I love travelling. I have spent a year in Texas as a foreign exchange student and another year as a volunteer in Rwanda. It is my absolute passion to get in touch with people from other cultures and to learn through that. I have studied osteopathy and am currently preparing for the exam to become a naturopath. This is another great passion of mine I am very excited about. The third thing you might want to know about me is that I'm into Metaphysics, philosophy and spirituality. But that doesn't mean I'm all weird and complicated, on the contrary - it gives me a freedom I have longed for for long. The only thing that's set for me is that I'd like to be in Austin, Texas by February 11, 2018 as I'm invited for a wedding that day. And I can only leave after my oral exam for naturopathy which is sometime in November. I won't know the date until I pass the written part of it, so I think I'm free in the beginning of November hopefully. If that works for you, December would be even better. Would love to hear from you, Eilika

About Me

Seeking position/s as Amateur Crew
Medical Staff

Availability 6th November 2017

Location preference Europe

Expected arrangement Professional / Recreational

Nationality German

Age 24

Gender Female

Fluent languages English

Basic knowledge of French

Smoker No

Visible Tattoos No

VISAs None

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