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  • Captain of SV Blauwvoet

    • 35ft Hanse 350
    • General (Europe)
    • Checked in 2 days ago

Chilling in Zeeland (Netherlands)

Looking for some interesting well educated female company to spend a few days of relaxed sailing, sunbathing, swimming and dining on Dutch lakes and coasts in the next weeks... School holidays so plenty of free time here.

No Smokers, no vegans, openminded setting. Age not important, mindset yes....

Airport pickup possible. (BRU or EIN)

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  • Crew positionFriendship

  • Availability 5 Jul 2024 until 13 Jan 2024

  • Expenses to/from vesselPaid by skipper / boat owner

  • Expenses onboardPaid by skipper / boat owner

  • Team / SoloNot important

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  • TypeSailing Yacht

  • ClassificationDhoni

  • Make/modelHanse 350

  • Length35 feet

  • Berth6

  • Sailing from General (Europe) , Steenbergen

  • Sailing to Local sailing , Steenbergen

  • Language spoke aboardEnglish

  • Boat descriptionWell equipped (AIS, Radar, Autopilot, plotter, safety) Comfortable (3 bedrooms, shower, heating). Linen and duvets provided. Fully redundant navigations systems, EPIRB and satphone. Email and weather maps over shortwave worldwide. WSPR real time beacon tracking.

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  • NationalityBelgium

  • Age52

  • GenderMale

  • Fluent languages Dutch

  • Basic knowledge of Spanish

  • Qualifications 1st Aid
    ASA radar Endorsement
    ICC Power/Sail
    Long Range Radio Certificate
    Safety at Sea/Sea Survival
    International Certificate Of Competency (ICC)

  • Sea Miles 2,500 - 10,000

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An exquisite wine and dine sailing experience


And yes, I was back on the boat again!! A fantastic September week of sailing with Pedro on the Grevelingen and Volkerak lakes it was. We had warm, splendid weather, not much wind to put up the main sail, but the jib we could use several times. Great time to sail to beautiful small islands on the Grevelingen lake to enjoy swimming, kayaking, cycling to the picturesque traditional villages along Grevelingen and Volkerak after mooring, and not to forget dinghy mussel hunting!!! The mussels the captain very skillfully prepared for the dinner were mouth-watering! Regarding the food, if you expect plain pasta with tomato (offered on many other boats), you will be disappointed!! The captain cooks a lot and superbly. Aside from sailing, the trip was also a paradise for the palate!! Versatile meals and foods are offered. Listing them here, I'm sure I forgot some: omelets with cheese (and when affordable with mushrooms), tasty croissants for breakfast, various selections of meat (turkey, chicken, beef, pork, or chili con carne...name it) grilled (yes, there is a small grill on the boat) for lunch and dinner and different types of cheese, not lacking different mixes of salads with dressings and vegetables (peas, beans, cabbage, string beans...even cauliflower of which the perfect falafels are made!), or delicious risotto in white wine. And the crepes this guy is preparing are the best ones in the world (combined with jams, brown sugar, molasses..)! If you at any moment think that you cannot eat more, you will be offered the snacks between main meals - e.g. sausages in pickled sauce, olives, pickles, fish spreads, or unavoidable french-fried potatoes (with mayo) the preparation of which the captain raised to the level of art (me, who haven't liked fries before the trips at all, started loving them :-) )! And of course, not to forget waffles always affordable on the boat! And a lot of coffee (or tea, if you prefer). If you'd like to give your contribution to food preparations, it would be highly appreciated. Just be careful not to grab all the oranges available - leave some of it for the captain to make amazing sangria, or lemon for cocktails :-) (when moored, of course - as no alcohol is permitted while sailing!!!). You will learn that there is no such thing as too much food - this time I put on only 1kg weight :-), but hey, you only live once!!! Thank you captain for the amazing hedonism experience. Blauwvoet deserves to be awarded a Michelin star! Enjoyable and highly recommended!

25th Sep 2023

Amazing first sailing experience!


Not easy to describe six weeks of sailing with Pedro… Let’s start with the conclusion: GO! Don’t hesitate: this is something you have to do at least once in your lifetime! Pedro is an amazing captain who took such good care of the whole crew during our trip. It was my first sailing experience and he showed an enormous amount of patience to explain the ins and outs of sailing. Not only does he know his way around a boat, he’s also proven to be an inventive cook. His pancakes are legendary and he showed some exceptional creativity when it comes to canned meal cooking – we’re still waiting on that ‘Cooking on Boats-book’ Pedro! Be aware though, because Pedro takes the word ‘flexibility’ to another level: changing sailing plans two or three times a day isn’t exceptional on Blauwvoet. However, there is one certainty on this boat: you will end up discovering amazing places! Pedro’s also got an eye for assembling a crew that blends as well as the cocktails that he provided for our poker nights, which created an amazing atmosphere on the boat. So no matter what the destination is on his next trip, be sure you’ll be on it ?

28th Aug 2022

a norwegian 9.5?


well what can be said that hasn’t already been said? after 6 fun filled weeks exploring the coast of norway, i’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face recalling everything i just went through and thinking about the amazing crew i experienced it with. this truly has been one of my greater adventures. pedro was a great captain, knowledgeable and always in control of the capable sv blauwvoet. this guy stacks his pancakes high and pours his sangrias deep. rest assured… apero is never too far away. you can call it a badge of honor - i’m really happy to have joined this passage and i’m even happier to have been a part of the crew of 2022, which i believe in pedro’s words was ‘the wildest and most fun crew to ever sail the blauwvoet!’ awww thanks pedro! ✌️

21st Aug 2022



Sailing gives us the opportunity to disconnect from the day to day life, from the chaos of our society, and in a sense reconnect with nature and ourselves. It compels us to adapt in uncomfortable weather and situation, socialise with people in a small environment, learning to communicate, take the time to observe and listen, being attentive and present. All of this is what I found by being onboard of Blauwvoet! With the most knowledgeable, easy going, creative, trustworthy and inspiring Captain Pedro, this experience has been a cocktail of FUN, full time learning, good food and amazing company! This is for all those who are truly thirsty for a real Adventure and seek an alternative path and way of living! TUSEN TAKK Captain and fair winds to Blauwvoet!

8th Aug 2022

Well, I came back


As I wrote in my first feedback, I finally came back after some months. I must say I couldn't resist to sail another time with Pedro, and I wasn't disappointed at all: he always knows the best places to sail and also knows how to create a unique atmosphere within the crew. He really cares about everyone's comfort and happiness and knows how to enjoy every moment of life. Again, I learned a lot in his company, whether in a storm or in the middle of a discussion about society and freedom. Norway is beautiful, and he knew how to make it special for every crew member. Every time I leave his boat, I have the strong feeling that I won't resist very long before returning on the sea. He taught me a lot about sailing and I can't thank him enough. Again Pedro, I'll come back. But you already know that, for sure. (only for the waffles)

2nd Aug 2021

Freeing, enchanting sailing trip


It seems that human relationships are about trust – and that is what I learned from this sailing trip: when the tough gets going (and it got, when the forces of nature showed their wild face expressed in do-not-know-how-many-knots strong winds causing things on the boat flying around) you know that you can absolutely trustfully put your life in these competent sailors’ hands (hail hail the crew!!!) being confident that everything is going to be alright. As an absolute rookie in sailing, everything was challenging for me, especially in the first couple of days while crossing the North Sea on our way from the Netherlands to Norway – keeping the balance, learning the basics of sailing (trying not to get too many bruises doing so!). Aside the sailing work, this magnificent experience included hedonism in its clearest sense - great food (including fishing, thanks to the crew, and the best pancakes ever - thanks to the Captain – hm you can learn that there is no such thing as too much food!), watching the dolphins while sailing to Norway and back enjoying their game-communication, enchanting peaceful fairy-tale little Norwegian fjords (sailing to which was particularly well planned by the Captain) with its marvelous hiking paths, inland lakes and swimming spots (preferably at sunrise and sunsets!!) leading to most profound “zen moments” (and “thinking about the meaning of life” – thank you, Captain, for such blissful moments) but also the night parties and hilarious poker games . Six people who have never met before (at least four of them highly individualistic persons) can always have a highly interesting group dynamics – the way they communicate verbally and non-verbally at the beginning of the trip and how these change during the trip and in some hard moments make one learns who would never let you down, who will always speak one’s mind blatantly honestly, who is going to provoke, whom you understand with exchanging not much words). Some of them even have become friends! When the times get rough (end they always somehow eventually get), it is precious to know to be capable of living on the limited space (and resources) such as a boat, leaving behind all the rules and regulations! I am thankful to be the part of such exciting, freeing, and enchanting experience!

31st Jul 2021

Best sailing trip ever


If you ever have the unique chance to sail with Pedro, don't think twice. It's not going to be a holiday, but an adventure. I've spent almost one month on SV Blauwvoet, sailing from the Netherlands to Norway, along the south coast and back and it was an incredible experience. Sailingwise, we've been through a lot of things... from no wind, to force 9, dragging anchor, being kicked out of a harbour into bad weather, but the boat and the crew handled it very well. The captain prepared the trip in advance and selected the best spots in Norway to enjoy the nature and the remove little harbor villages. But the best part was the crew and the liveaboard experience. Pedro is a very welcoming and laid-back person and you will never get bored on board. Listening to his stories, cooking together, partying, hiking and all kind of other crazy activities will make the time just fly. You might also learn a thing or two about sailing, telecommunications, the end of the world or how to make the best pancakes. (*Pedro also likes tabasco and rice very much, make sure to prepare some recipes in advance!). I'm glad I was part of this trip and the friends and memories I've made will last forever. Thank you very much, Captain!

29th Jul 2021

Amazing, heartwarming and interesting trip!


A full month of sailing from the Netherlands to Norway, coastal hopping and going back has taught me many things about life as a sailor. I absolutely loved the experience with Pedro and the rest of the crew. First of all I have learned a lot about the basics of sailing, but sailing through force 10 has also given me many insights about the force of nature and how being attracted to the water also has the flip side of becoming anxious about it's power. The trip itself was very luxuruous regarding food, company and laidback travelling. As Lisannes already mentioned below, it was a great mixture of enjoying as well as having deep and good conversations about any topic you can think off. Pedro makes you feel at home from the first day of arrival and during his trip I gathered a new family. I am very grateful for this experience and I would definitely join Pedro again on a trip (as long as I can fight the sea sickness).

29th Jul 2021

Great time


I spent one weekend sailing with Pedro and a few others and we had an amazing weekend together!! It was my first weekend sailing so I had no experience prior to this. The vibe on the boat was very laidback and we talked about a wide range of topics, nothing is off the table! I had a lot of fun with these amazing people and many interesting conversations. It was really nice to learn more about sailing and life on the boat. Do expect to get teased a lot as a woman, hope you can handle it!! Thanks Pedro for the great time and I hope to see you on a future sailing trip!! :)

3rd May 2021

I will come back


Dear Captain, well, you're the best. Hard to describe such an amazing, new, rewarding and exciting experience in a few words, but these two weeks were simply great and unique. Even if I was a real rookie in sailing, you took the time to teach me how to feel the wind and to play with the waves, and a lot of other things about sailing that I won't forget. I felt safe but free. I had a great time on the boat, laughing and reinventing the world with you and other wonderful persons. Now I know that I'll sail again, and you made my first experience a beautiful one. I learned a lot, and not only about sailing, wind and security, but also about freedom, respect and belgian beers (very important). Thanks again, and as I said, I'll come back with a huge smile! (and cheese)

22nd Apr 2021

Amazing Time!


Thank you, captain, for one of the most memorable adventures of my life! If you have the chance to sail with this guy, do it! But be warned: things will get rough, things will fly around (quite literally), things will be chaotic and you will be teased nonstop ;-) So, a sense of adventure and a sense of humour are required.

14th Aug 2020

Good time!


Many thanks to DigitalRubbish for selecting me to join him on a month long sail to the Feareur. I can highly recommend this crazy guy! The month we spend together was awesome. Throughout i've felt safe, appreciated and comfortable(ish). This guy is not afraid to voice his opinions so beware… haha. But in the end a very open, generous and warm individual that is tolerant and laidback. Proudly Belgian, expect to be taken care of and cooked for. Most chaotic autist I’ve ever met.

4th Aug 2020

Great adventure


The captain is a very nice person with an open mind and great knowledge of sailing. Im very grateful for my time spent in his boat.

3rd Aug 2020

Exciting adevntures


One of the most exciting adventures in my life. I would repeat it again the same next year. The capitan is very prepared and competent in the sea and out of the sea.

3rd Aug 2020

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