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"Crewbay has provided some great crew and a good variety of young and old. I understand the workload in managing a site so busy and appreciate that there's such a fantstic free membership. Thank you for your direct support, all much appreciated."

Capt. Corona

Earl B.

Dec 2017

"I'm amazed at the amount of crew available. The check-in system seems to work well. I like that I know those people that have checked in are 'active' rather than just checking their messages. That's reactive in my book and it's lovely to be on the receiving end (as a boat owner). I just have a lot of messages to respond to! Hardly a down side :) Well done. Great site"

John M.

Nov 2017

"Crewbay has always helped me find both unpaid crew for cruising company, but also has helped sought high caliber paid crew to assist with ocean crossing. Guys, keep the good work up!"

Terry Parson

Oct 2017

"Thanks very much. I have used Crewbay on many trips with great success. Includes current crew from Australia, Austria, and France. You make their hitchhiking possible. "


John Cowperthwait

Sep 2017

"When I started sailing my boat Alvei, about half the crew came from returning crew or friends of friends. We put up notices at local marinas to fill in the watch list. After we discovered Crewbay it has turned out about 70% of our new crew come from Crewbay. Crewbay people are more focused on learning sailing. Their interest will last 2 to 6 months. On the whole, Crewbay crew do a better job and stay longer. Life is better with Crewbay! "


Evan Logan

Sep 2017