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This page is the best place for crew to start searching for work on boats and yachts, professional or amateur positions. Crewbay is a great resource for finding both full time or part time professional sailing work as well as unpaid boat positions and casual crew work. Use the search boats facility to narrow down the list of boating opportunities or simply browse the latest logged in boat entries below. Alternatively you can try some of our more popular searches for sailing jobs or click here to view the most recently registered opportunities. To view a boat owner's profile in detail you will need to be logged in to Crewbay. If you do not have an account yet then please click here to register.

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Nikos koumettis

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Power Boat
Size:20 m
Location: Greece
Destination: None
Logged in: 46 minutes ago

Nikos64: Nikos


Sail my boat from Stockholm to the Netherlands

Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:10 m
Location: Sweden
Destination: Netherlands
Logged in: 1 hours ago

Zeereep: We are looking for a team that wants to sail our yacht back from Stockholm to Amsterdam from August 15 2017.
We will not be on the boat so we are looking for a team that knows how to sail a 32 feet yacht.
The trip is unpaid but the team has a period of 3 weeks to sail from Sweden to the Netherlands for free.
Our Dufour 325 is from 2006 and fully equipped for the voyage over sea.
Before we have an agreement there is a lot to discuss. We appreciate an encounter and a test sailing on the


World wide sailing.

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:94 f
Location: United States
Destination: No specific country (Europe)
Logged in: 2 hours ago

bridle07: These are open positions, sailing first to Europe and then hopefully to Australia (to watch the cricket ) and then visitin pacific islands.

I have not yet purchased the boat, but it is purported to be LOD 78 and with bowsprit 95'. Ther boat is quite old 1975, with steel construction and I am looking for people like myself to contribut to expenses ona shared basis. There is no time limit and crew can come and go when they feel that they have had enough.

I am easy to get on with, bit fussy about the boat as I like things to be ship shape. Should have coastal skipper by the time we sail and I alreatdy have RYA Yachtmaster theory.

Any questions can be sent to (long story) and I hope to hear from interested people.


Adventure Travel by Sail

Crew wanted: Deckhand
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:44 f
Location: Grenada
Destination: Dominican Republic
Logged in: 4 hours ago

clifflyon: Just bought another boat. No agenda but to explore. Need to hit the Dominican Republic to pick up my stuff then who knows. Thinking about heading to Maine for summer.

More thoughts to come as things evolve.


Captain Kira's captains need a captain!

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:40 f
Location: No specific country (Europe)
Destination: None
Logged in: 13 hours ago

CaptainKira: Ahoy,

We have a beautiful, classic, 1936 wooden ketch yet not enough experience to take her out on day sails and on the voyages and adventures which we intend to take her on.

We intend to learn on her. One owner grew up sailing as a child. He has a nautical background but feels rusty to really be able to take her out and operate Kira. The other owner grew up closer to the mountains than the sea and didn't have the privilege to be able to be seabound. Both of us are keen and eager to learn the ropes!

She's moored in Sussex. We'd love to be able to take her out on day sails. We'd also love to be able to take her on holiday over the summer. We even have some more ambitious and exciting ideas for her in the near future. At the moment we haven't really any concrete plans for when or where. At this stage we would like to invite experienced, confident, and interested skippers to make yourselves known. We'd love to hear from you and welcome a visit and suggestions. We are happy to accommodate you and look after you while you stay with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes.

Basia & Tarin.


4 to 6 months in tthe Bahamas

Crew wanted: Friendship/Relationship
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:40 f
Location: United States
Destination: Bahamas, The
Logged in: 3 hours ago

SVSunset: Usually single hand but am considering crew.


Any boat ,any jobs , ready to do everything

Crew wanted: Chef
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:1 m
Location: Australia
Destination: France
Logged in: 18 hours ago

Chopchop: Paid or not paid , easy going guy ,ready to learn and work , doing anything for discover an other way to travelling .



Crew wanted: Competent Crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:1 m
Location: Australia
Destination: None
Logged in: 10 hours ago

MM66: Delivery Skipper, seeks crew from time to time


Just getting started

Crew wanted: Captain/skipper
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:13 m
Location: England
Destination: None
Logged in: 57 minutes ago

Coddiwomple: We are just familiarising ourselves with this site at this time, as we are in the final stages of purchasing the yacht. Will update this profile when we are certain about our plans/dates.

We are a casual professional couple. We will be looking to sail our Dufour Atoll 43 from England in the general direction of New Zealand.

Probable course: Brighton -> Gran Canaria -> cross the Atlantic

As we are novice sailors, we will be looking for someone to skipper (and teach us) for the initial stages of our adventure as we cross the Atlantic.


Crew wanted?

Crew wanted: Amateur crew
Vessel: Sailing Boat
Size:12 m
Location: United Kingdom
Destination: Local sailing
Logged in: 1 days ago

JohnSailorman: I'm a RYA Instructor and Examiner and occasionally need crew for my own boat. Planning on sailing to the Caribbean at some stage.

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