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José Jacobo Pena Castro

Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): 1st mate
Age: 26
Nationality: Spain
Location: Australia
Last logged in: 0 minutes ago

JoseCastro: I was born in the north of Spain, my first passage was when I was three weeks old, and I never stopped boating since then. My family owned a few motorboats so I was lucky to spend my holidays wakeboarding, diving, spearfishing and big game fishing. I started sailing when I was 17 and after a couple of years I decided to start my career at sea.My first job on a boat was as a deckhand and at the present moment I've got 5 years of working experience, two as skipper in the bay of Biscay and Mediterranean sea.Diving and free diving are my main hobbies, I first dive when I was eight and I've also been spearfishing since I was twelve.


I'm happy

Position (1st): Nanny
Age: 55
Nationality: Brasilian
Location: Brazil
Last logged in: 1 minutes ago

kaka55: Quero ser feliz.
Trabalhar como se fosse um lazer.
Ser útil e agradável.
Sou responsável, caprichosa, organizada, honesta, educada.
Boa cozinheira e divertida.
Procuro por felicidade, trabalho é o caminho.


Canadian Seeking Experience & Adventure

Position (1st): Chef
Position (2nd): Amateur crew
Age: 31
Nationality: Canada
Location: Chile
Last logged in: 1 minutes ago

elliottcarver: Below is my resume, tailored to my cooking skills and experience working with various entrepreneurial organizations. My personality and love for travel and adventure is better illustrated in my couchsurfing profile, the link to which can be found at the bottom of the resume, along with my Chilean phone number and email address. I am certainly an extravert, but I also enjoy reading, music, wine, and podcasts. My favourite pastime is cooking which I have done in both a professional setting and at home.

Elliott Carver
Canadian traveler with experience working in kitchens, restaurants and offices all over the world

Obtaining work which supports travelling the Pacific coast of South America from March to June 2016

Fluent in English, learning Spanish

Restaurant Experience
2000 - 2004 - Edmonton, Canada - McDonalds. Restaurant manager at age 17, 'Employee of the Year'
2004 - Edmonton - Earls, Scruffy Murphy's Irish Bar. Line cook positions, ran all aspects of kitchen
2005 - Edmonton - Jasper Mountain Restaurant. Front of house manager, ran all aspects of restaurant

University of Alberta School of Business (Edmonton, Canada)
2008 - Graduated with Bachelor of Commerce, International Business & Marketing

International Corporate Work Experience
2006 - London, UK - St. James's Place Partnership. Split time between entrepreneurial businesses in personal financial management and real estate investment.
2007 - Shenzhen, China - Tempus (腾邦国际) Chinese flight ticketing and logistics organization. Several projects focused on proliferation of English language within the organization.
2008 - 2012 - Calgary, Canada - Ferus. Helld a variety of positions within an entrepreneurial oil & gas service solutions company. Focused on operational efficiency, systems & process design, safety culture.
2012- 2015 - Denver, USA - Ferus. Assisted with expansion into the USA from 2012-2015, opened and expanded the Denver office. Led USA face of business development group looking for new opportunities.

Learning Spanish, music, music festivals, stand up comedy, film, literature, skiing, CouchSurfing, Burning Man.

+56 9 5254 3646



Position (1st): Chef
Position (2nd): Chief Hostess/Steward
Age: 25
Nationality: Canada
Location: Spain
Last logged in: 3 minutes ago

Angelvero4: CJ:
I started of in the yachting industry 4 years ago as a deckhand on a 45m motor yacht. After that season I moved to luxury sailing catamarans where I stayed for the last few years.

During this time I managed to not just master the deck side of my job on luxury sailing catamarans but also got involved in all other aspects of running the yacht. The last two Captains I have worked for both really mentored me into a Captain / Engineer position for smaller yachts. A major part of this was to be able to manage and oversee the engineering side on these boats. This was mainly to maintain and service the generators, engines and water maker. It really interested me, as there is so much to learn.

I am now actively seeking employment as a Captain/Engineer. Ideally I will find a position with my partner on a yacht that is busy and will give us the opportunity to grow in our carreers. I would like to further my qualifications to a Yacht master Ocean and also complete more engineering courses. The reason for doing both engineering and deck qualifications is because as Captain I would like to be able to travel to more remote places where help is not always near by. The better I can be at engineering the more comfortable I will be with these types of itineraries.

A bit about myself:
I am 28, I feel young and healthy enough to conquer any mountain in my way. I enjoy staying healthy and fit, as I am a very active person. Staying active by enjoying watersports from surfing, towing wake skating or paddle boarding. If it wasn’t for my photographic equipment then I would carry more extreme sport kit as this passion is one that I am not letting go of. This passion for the ocean follows me below the surface. Diving, free diving (apnea / breath hold), spear fishing but usually I only shoot by using a camera. Underwater photography is more than just a hobby. Out of the water I enjoy exploring new territories, meeting and learning from new cultures. Not just greeting them as I pass but to actually spend time with the interesting people you find around the world. I enjoy learning from others that live a very different life to what I know. As much as I enjoy learning I also enjoy teaching. I have plenty of knowledge about the underwater realm and will share this with anyone who is interested. This started in my year spent in Mozambique where I did not only teach diving but also worked with plenty of researchers and Marine Biologists within the area. This time also opened my eyes to how much need there is in the world to educate people about the importance of the ocean.

Saying all this I would also like to mention something that you don't see on my CV; I am a professional underwater video/photographer. When I have the chance I go and dive the corners of the world and enroll myself in conservation programs and often help in doing documentaries or even promotional work. Working with well-known marine biologist across the globe has helped me turn into a walking underwater encyclopedia and it is a major passion of mine. The reason I am telling you all this is because I believe somewhere in the wide-open seas is a yacht that might just have use for my skills. Maybe a private yacht with a very extensive itinerary which would be able to use my documenting skills even if it is only for the owner. I am not saying I want to join a yacht as film maker, but I more than capable to these type of things, its easy for me and I love it. A good skill for a traveling yacht. I have all my own equipment for under and above the water. I even recently invested in a drone, a remote controlled helicopter with a camera attached to it, which I use for aerial filming and photographing. On my previous yachts I used these skills for promotional use and even for the charter guests by giving them an edited DVD at the end of charter. This was always a major winner for the guests and they loved it. If you have some spare time you are more than welcome to have a look at one of my last videos I made of my last season on Catamaran Firefly and also my latest competition entry:
Caribbean Season 2014 :
Fort Yachty Film Fest:

If you are interested to see my photography capabilities please have a look at the following: or

Véronique and I met in this industry, sharing not just a passion for yachting and traveling but also for the Oceans. Véronique and I bring together a wide variety of skills and traits creating a well-rounded balanced team. Her creative talents, attentive nature and eye for detail are complemented by my playful, practical and safety conscious nature. We are enthusiastic and motivated individuals always ready to tackle new ventures.

We decided to spend the last season apart as I took some time off to study and travel. This gave Veronique a good time frame to work onboard very luxury super yacht to learn what level of service is provided, to gain more skills and experience in looking after the interior and of course for her to learn from a very professional chef. How ever we do feel that we do not want to miss out on the perfect opportunity for us to step into our dream career on board a sailing cat for a good few years to build a strong CV together. We are now ready to commit for the long term.

Adventurous in my soul and eager to see the world, I decided to leave the comfort of my home in 2012 to travel to New Zealand by myself for a year. Being in this beautiful country surrounded by beautiful oceans made me interested in sailing and so I decided to learn more about it and through different people I finally met a yacht that was planning on going to Fiji. I did my first crossing and we spent 20 days at sea, stopping by Minerva Reef. Being only 2 crew I had to help in every duty in order to always ensure our safety with watch keeping, cooking, fishing, being alert and efficient in all times. We spent 4 months on this sail yacht exploring some of the most remote parts of Fiji. You can imagine that I completely fell in love with the South Pacific and this lifestyle working on a sail yacht.

After this life changing experience I decided to pursue a career in yachting where I can combine my love for sailing with nutrition and cooking. I would love to be part of a crew that can contribute to make this kind of life changing, fantastic, unforgettable and full of adventure experiences part of other people’s lives. Since I started to work on a luxury super yacht, I gained a lot of confidents in my skills and now know that I can provide an excellent service and have a lot of attention to details. My first priority is to always make sure the guests are happy in always going a step further on their expectations. I recently graduated as a Health Coach. I studied nutrition and wellness and combining this with my love cooking healthy food for others I create some of the healthiest dishes while maintaining a wonderful taste. I learned all dietary theories and how to make healthy meals in order to provide the best energy levels possible. I love finding spending time in the galley. I make health smoothies or juices on a daily basis for the guests and crew incorporating my knowledge and teaching them how these foods are good for them.

Even though I am not a qualified chef, I really enjoy cooking and like to provide the best food for everyone. I believe that food affects our physical performances, our emotions and our health in general. The experience I gained working with a very professional chef on board MY Just Enough has been a great stepping-stone for me to learn what is expected from a chef onboard a luxury yacht. I also have years of experience in fitness training, I created different groups in the last year to help people to loose weight and gain more health. This was a fantastic experience and it would be a real pleasure to help anyone who would like to live a healthier life. I would also like to mention if we are put forward for this position then I will take some time off to do a culinary course if needed just to show on paper that I am a capable chef.

I am very happy and loving person, I believe CJ and I make an excellent team. Our very different skills mixed together make us a very great crew to have onboard a happy yacht. Eager to provide an excellent service, hard working, very professional and positive attitude at all time, make me someone that everyone enjoys working with. We also love kids. They are one of the greatest blessings we can have in the world and would definitely enjoy their company.

Best regards,


Delivery crew/Deckhand/Mate

Position (1st): Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 30
Nationality: US Citizen
Location: United States
Last logged in: 5 minutes ago

raestarr: I am a 30 year old who has transitioned to working as stewardess/crew/mate on boats. I have recently worked on 2 sailing yachts as stewardess/deckhand and was mate on the delivery to the Bahamas. I would like to gain experience and time at sea while working as a deckhand/stewardess/mate on deliveries or charters worldwide. I am looking to make a long term career and gain the experience and knowledge necessary to obtain the various licenses from mate to eventually captain.


Mr Sam Atkins

Position (1st): Recreational Crew
Age: 50
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 6 minutes ago

ReadytoSlip: I recently gained the RYA Day Skipper practical and theory qualifications and I'm looking to gain sea-miles and experience, my family all have the RYA Competent Crew qualification . An ideal boat would be someone with many years experience happy to pass on their sailing wisdom with a keen and capable novice crew. Ideally looking for weekend or possibly week trips in UK waters. We live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, so northern ports would be most practical.


A hard worker

Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Delivery Crew
Age: 21
Nationality: swedish
Location: Sweden
Last logged in: 9 minutes ago

grogg: Hi!

I am a hardworking student, that have taken a break from my studies at the university. During my break i would like to continue to sail, since that is one of my many hobbies. I have been living at the sea since i was born, and have sailed along the swedish coast for the last 15 years. I have a swedish coastskipper exam, it is a certifikate that allow me to steer boats over 12*4 meters in swedish waters.


Essential information about me

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Friendship/Relationship
Age: 17
Nationality: Hungarian
Location: Hungary
Last logged in: 10 minutes ago

HunBackpacker: My passion is travelling. I want to see the other parts of the world and meet local people and learn about their culture.I'm a total amatour, but I interested in sailing and I want to learn.I'm adventurous and I like challenges.I have a great physical and mental condition.


iam looking for job as a deckhand/steward

Position (1st): Deckhand
Position (2nd): Hostess/Steward
Age: 28
Nationality: indonesia
Location: Indonesia
Last logged in: 13 minutes ago

azuanggi: Iam working as a deckhand last time on surf charter boat...
and as a steward on diving charter and private charter boat...
Iam normaly do watchkeeping every time cruising and.


Que Sera Sera

Position (1st): Chief Hostess/Steward
Position (2nd): Chef
Age: 54
Nationality: USA
Location: Mexico
Last logged in: 16 minutes ago

kellysusan: Fit competent philosophical

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