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Passionate Chef, Great Team Member and Outgoing Outdoor Girl

Position (1st): Chef
Position (2nd): Hostess/Steward
Age: 51
Nationality: Irish
Location: Portugal
Last logged in: 0 minutes ago

gillh: Seeking employment as Chef/Cook/Stewardess on a charter vessel (either with my partner Brian Miller as Captain or individually). I am passionate about launching a career in the yachting industry where I can combine all my skills with my outgoing nature. I have a proven track record in hospitality. I have chef-owned two Top 30 Critically Acclaimed Restaurants in South Africa (earning me a Chefs Hat Award each time) and co-owned a 5-star guest lodge and would like to bring these attributes to the yachting industry. I would consider a private or charter yacht. I am happy to travel to any location. I am an outdoor girl having tried her hand at a wide diversity of thrill seeking action adventures. I am extremely motivated, hard-working and reliable. I am flexible, adaptable and am comfortable in new situations. Im able to communicate well with all age groups, have excellent leadership abilities, but also enjoy working as part of a team. I take pride in my appearance, punctuality and dignified attitude. I have a proven track record in hospitality. As mentioned, I have chef-owned two award-winning restaurants and a 5-star guest lodge in South Africa. I have also run cooking classes and demonstrations and catering services. My passion for food and travel also extends into my writing career, editing and freelancing for a variety of international culinary and travel magazines and newspapers, hosting a food and travel blog, and compiling a recipe book. I have judged international food competitions, devise my own recipes and have an insatiable appetite for culinary and travel knowledge. I am currently working as a Contract Chef in Tavira, The Algarve in Portugal. Squeezed into my already busy schedule, I still manage to enjoy many hours of recreational sailing and deep sea diving in many destinations.


OceanLovers & Surfers In Opua from 15th may ready to sail

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 0
Nationality: Spain
Location: New Zealand
Last logged in: 2 minutes ago

uri-travel-spain: Hi! We are Eric and Oriol 25 yr old and from Barcelona. We will be,in Opua, NZ around the 15th of may looking for boats. We would love to visit the Pacific Islands and then head to Asia, but heading to Asia directly through New Caledonia And Papua is also awesome!

I love surfing, photography and I'm a hearted environmentalist

No experience but I'm a fast learner :)

Shoot us a message if u are in Opua and want to meetup


Enthusiastic Competitent Crew who likes to cook!

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Recreational Crew
Age: 32
Nationality: British
Location: United Kingdom
Last logged in: 5 minutes ago

Kate_Griffiths: Hi,

I have experience sailing in Turkey and off the south west coast of the UK in a 50ft sloop yacht. More recently I have helped deliver a yacht from Florida keys to Mexico and sailing from St Thomas USVI to Perto Rico. I am currently at day skipper theory level and am looking for sailing adventures. I am currently taking a break from work and am very fortunate to be free.

I am a quick learner, very fit and enthusiastic. I am a very positive proactive person who likes to live life to the full and isn't afraid of hard work. I can hit the ground running and look forward to gaining a lot more experience.

I'm looking for a longer passage on a sail boat with friendly people looking to experience life and am happy to share expenses on board and have the funds ready.

Hope to hear from you, Kate



Position (1st): Engineer/Mechanic
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 56
Nationality: dutch
Location: Netherlands Antilles
Last logged in: 6 minutes ago

pieterd: my name is peter vander doe living on the island of bonaire ,dutch caribean,looking for a sailboat for a trip to europe or united states or united states to caribean


couple to work

Position (1st): 1st mate
Position (2nd): Amateur crew
Age: 44
Nationality: Brasil
Location: United States
Last logged in: 6 minutes ago

MauricioandKarine: Couple to work: Im 44 years old Deckcrew / Deckhand / Skipper / Mate, she is 40 years old stew cook, we very interested in any work on board private yacht, we are positives energetics persons who have keen eye for detail and dedication to any vessel. We have a Strong background in sailing.
We are a team players, and willing to get stuck in where required. We are a very loyals employees, and longevity in a role is what we seek.

Qualification and Experience:
 Certified by the Brazilian Maritime Authority Amateur Skipper, Coastal Navigation (out to 50 miles offshore);
 Safety and life saving equipment;
 Government vessels and navigation shifts and label and responsabilities;
 General maintenance deck and seamanship
 VHF communications and practice of dinghy;
 Sailing Charters in Brazil at 5 years (2010 2015);
 I traveled alone along the Brazilian Coast (So Paulo to the Rio de Janeiro) octuber 2014 - owner of boat sailing (31 feet);
 I make a delivery of Rio de Janeiro to the Ilhabela/SP;
 Participation in regattas Rolex Ilhabela Sailing Week International Sailing Federation (2011 2015);
 Personal Trainer professional, Cook (not professional), basic first aid, basic diving, submarine hunt;
 I make dayworks in Miami Beach and Fort Laudardale (2016) Boat 90 and 66



Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 22
Nationality: United States
Location: United States
Last logged in: 7 minutes ago

Jmitchellhall: I am a 22-year-old senior at the University of Tennessee and will be graduating in May. After that I plan on traveling around Europe and want to be in Southeast Asia around October. Due to financial reason I am looking for a cheap way to travel around. While searching for ideas I came across this website and I am very interesting in the opportunity to volunteer on a boat for a few months. I have taken a sailing class before but that was a few years ago so when it comes to that my skills are minimal. I am a fast learning, very friendly, and a hard worker.



Position (1st): Captain/skipper
Position (2nd): 1st mate
Age: 27
Nationality: Croatian
Location: United Arab Emirates
Last logged in: 8 minutes ago

Vele: In the last 5 years I gain lots of experience cruising all the Mediterranean and part of the Caribbean sea. I am loyal, hardworking, responsible, driven, strong worker, organized officer and team player searching for professional position aboard yacht, charter or private. I have American VISA B1/B2 and United Arab Emirates VISA. Currently Im working on a 28m (93') yacht in Dubai as Captain. I hold Yachtmaster up to 500 GT and Commercial Yachtmaster up to 200GT in UAE. Available after September.

Max and Louise

Pacific discovery

Position (1st): Competent Crew
Position (2nd): Deckhand
Age: 30
Nationality: French and Belgium
Location: New Zealand
Last logged in: 10 minutes ago

Max and Louise: We have been travelling together for the past 10 months in South America and
then in New Zealand and Australia. Both of us love nature and sailing. We would very much like to carry on this marvellous trip by discovering the islands of the Pacific ocean while sailing, learning and sharing with you.
We both have a passion for sailing for years on different disciplines: windsurf, kitesurf, laser, Hobbie cat, cruising boat, regatta boat,.. In addition to our engineer work, we spent a lot of time in a sailing school in France as sailing teacher, cook or boat repair.

During our travel, if we have the opportunity to sail in the pacific ocean, it simply will be a dream come true!

We are looking for opportunity after April 2016
See you!


Crew availiable

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Chef
Age: 29
Nationality: Austrian
Location: Saint Lucia
Last logged in: 10 minutes ago

Deepdive: Hey,

engineer looking for a possibilityto crew. Right now i am in willemstad curacao, if you are looking for reliable, honest, good company crew. Feel free to send me a message.

Long description:
Im Michi from Austria, an engineer of renewable energies with specialisation in nearly zero energy houses. Experienced in realising projects all over europe and allways up for thrills.

To dive deeper into my profession and to expand my view Im doing a "camino" which I make to gain experience for me, my profession and my future life.

I started my journey on Cadiz going to the canaries and then to capo verde, in the meantime i gained experience in basic sailing skills.

My goal is to gain a bit more experience and then getting for a license for offshore skipper

If you hire me as a crew, you get a smart person, who can repair things and likes to work with tools, who is advanced when it comes to complicated situations.

If you have any questions or got interested send me a message!


Aviv Eckshtein

Position (1st): Amateur crew
Position (2nd): Diver
Age: 29
Nationality: Usa
Location: New Zealand
Last logged in: 12 minutes ago

Avivush87: Im 28 year old girl(!) who lives in Miami.
I love to travel all over the world and currently im in New Zeland backpaking here and Australia.
I love diving and interested working on a boat doing whatever needed.
Im a super fast learner, can do any job.
Had my own buisness for the past 5 years (cosmetics shop) but sold it in order to enjoy life and travel.
I speak English, Spanish and portuguese.
My dream is exploring the french polynesia :)

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